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The Editor:
Leonard Montoute’s performance on TALK on Thursday, was disgusting, selfish and most unbecoming for a candidate offering to represent St. Lucia. He is not a team player. He is simply concerned in promoting himself as a leader without putting in the hard work.

Montoute went into thin air after losing his seat, a seat he should have never lost. Chastanet has worked tirelessly to restore the party while the greater number of the 17 constituency branches have consistently shown their full support for him after winning two conventions hands down with a third convention on the way and the results likely to be the same by Montoute’s own admission.

His poor performance between 2006 and 2011 speaks volumes. He and a handful of his disciples need to reflect upon the importance of the UWP getting into office and relieving St. Lucia of a burdensome administration. It was the same Allen Chastanet who supported Montoute in 2006 causing Kenny D Anthony to take umbrage for his support.

In the final analysis I must say that Montoute has turned out to be a major disappointment but this shouldn’t have come as any surprise.

— Gros Islet Voter


  1. Isn’t Sarah Flood a member of the UWP?

    Why is she not running a seat? To me she is the only one who would bring stability and common sense to the Opposition.

  2. Here goes another mindless zombie, regurgitating the retrograde talking points of the nincompoop Allen Chastanet — Sounds like the Lionel Ellis singing for his return to suck the blood of Lucians.

  3. Mr. Montoute, you are playing with fire. You better smarten up or else.
    I want you to take a look at something, Labour is gunning for you and you don’t want
    to lose a second time around or else it will be good bye for you politically permanently.
    You lost the last time by six votes – think about it, and 143 rejected votes?
    You Sir don’t know how fortunate you are by still being favoured to run for the U.W.P.
    Choose who your friends are or face the music.
    Joe at Babonneau better do his home work or else. He lost by two votes, and a wooping 287
    rejected votes the last time. Watch it.
    I don’t really care much about Rufus, but did they do a number on him? 240 rejected votes.
    They were gunning for that little Pipsqeeck at Castries Sth East. but he beat them, although
    with a total of 303 rejected votes. Look out for that little weasel to win again this time by a much bigger majority. It’s futile for anyone to attempt to dethrone him. He is too solid.

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