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Where Rufus Bousquet And I Agree

Rufus Bousquet

SHAMEFUL is one way to describe the confusion in the United Workers Party. Deluded might be another fitting description, trying to convince us that all is well when the party is sitting on cracked glass.

I am no lover, admirer or worshipper of the Saint Lucia Labour Party or any party for that matter. In fact, anyone who has come to know me through the reading of the Independent Eye articles would have noticed my disdain with partisan politics. Please believe me, I have gotten several invitation to join many parties but I can’t drink of the cup of fornications. I am interested in undilutedly representing the interests of my constituents and the wider Saint Lucian public and there is no better way to do that than independently.

You must wonder though, “Who are the politicians protecting?” I say, “No one but themselves!” You would think that after four years into the Labour adminstration some politicians would have been driven to the courts for all the misdeeds the previous adminstration was accused of. Thousands of dollars are spent on enquiry after enquiry by this and that adminstration, “But to what ends?” I ask.

Anyways this article is supposed to be about my agreement with Rufus Bousquet. My first agreement, as you would have deciphered, is that the party has lost its handles.

Rufus Bousquet has been one of the politicians that I admired over the years. I was tempted to say love, but I don’t think it goes that far. The love for Bousquet in Choiseul is undeniable. Those who hate him are the worshippers of the Labour Party (and that is one of the reasons I detest partisan politics; the mere acrimony that it instigates, so much so that on a Newsspin programme some years ago, when I was beginning to like Allen Chastenant, he could not find one good thing to say about the Kenny Anthony adminstration in response to a question asked. Really? Partisan politics has done that to us!) Anyway, my agreement with Rufus Bousquet!

I have done my own inquiry in the constituency and it most certainly appears that Mr Rufus Bousquet sways widespread popularity in Choiseul. There are lots of names being bandied about as a replacement for him but they are not matching up.

There is also great disappointment with the representation that has been given by the present member of parliamentar. I dare say, if the opposition (and I am speaking any other party) has a viable candidate, Mr Theophilus will lose his seat. This reminds me of a friend of mine who wanted to take off my neck, when I told him that Mr. Mondesir would have lost the 2011 elections. But I understood his disgust.

Another pronouncement that Mr. Bousquet made that I am in agreement with, is one of the prongs of my independent model, that the Prime minister should not hold any ministerial office. I am in full agreement; be the overseer that you should be. Don’t be burdened down by a ministry when you have an entire country to govern.

But are we still awaiting a probe into the spending of Taiwanese donated money in Choiseul during the last administration. Or are we? Are there some damming things to be discovered? If there are let us know or, “Are politicians covering up for politicians?”

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