Socio-poetry At Library Tonight

Ms. Sharon Trezelle
Ms. Sharon Trezelle
Ms. Sharon Trezelle

TONIGHT at the Laureate’s Chair, Sociology lecturer at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, Ms. Sharon Trezelle presents. She will be the first female author to take the chair at the Saint Lucia Writers Forum public reading activity.

The event commences at 7:00 p.m. at the Castries Central Library. MsTrezelle is the author of three collections, of what she terms, socio-poetry, Seeds (2004), The Harvest (2007) and Tribute to a SchoolMaster (2014).

MsTrezelle is fascinated by this post-colonial space in which we live and we can only anticipate that she will bring us to a fuller understanding of it in her presentation tonight. The presentation is inclusive of a question and answer session where members of the forum and the general public can probe the presenter.

This is the third edition of the forum’s monthly public reading activity, which has been graced by laureate Adrian Augier and distinguished author KendelHippolyte and honoured with the presence of Derek Walcott in whose honour the event is held.
The activity is free to the general public but a financial contribution to advancing the work of the forum is welcomed. The forum meets regularly at the Central Library every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

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