Parliament To Talk Climate Change

Dr. James Fletcher
Dr. James Fletcher

THE houses of parliament are to be brought up to speed on the issues and implications of climate change for Small Island Developing States (SIDS), ahead of the climate change convention in Paris, in December.

Minister for Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology, Dr. James Fletcher, recently issued an invitation to parliament to discuss climate change issues.

Dr. Fletcher said the meeting will sensitize members of parliament to the causes and impacts of climate change.

โ€œI can explain the issues that are of serious importance, the areas of divergence, and the implications of that for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) like the Caribbean so that we can all be [in accord], because there is a lot to be done between now and December to get the international community on our side,โ€ he explained.

He added that SIDS are faced with the challenge of obtaining adequate support from larger countries.

โ€œThere are some countries, the major emitting countries like the US, some of the EU countries, Australia, Canada, Russia, where we are still facing significant opposition to some of the issues like climate finance, and loss and damage. I think the more we can get everyone on board, the more we can get this to be a national issue [so that] everybody understands our livelihoods, our childrenโ€™s livelihoods, our planet are all at stake.โ€

The third Financing for Development (FFD3) conference was held in Addis Ababa earlier this month. This meeting was aimed at developing a new approach to financing post 2015.

This will be followed by the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to be held in Paris, France in December 2015.

The UNFCCC paves the way for a legally binding international agreement on climate change post 2020.(GIS)

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  1. When will parliament debate, yes, debate economic development policy for a change? Beyond your tether? I guess so, since this has never been done in Saint Lucia ever! We are not talking about building hotels, more grants given to ‘investors’ just for talking to the current PM, and selling questionable characters citizenship as development. Genius!

    When will these two hot air political imposters and shysters you claim to be leaders in both the UWP and SLP start talking real development policy, instead of just “air lift” and just hotel construction as FDI. That must be the very limits of their knowledge of business and economics for economic development, with STEP, if that mix could be ever be considered so?

    But you old chaps continue to be so darn boring! Bah! Humbug! Only but your party followers can ever begin to constantly swallow your incessant outpourings unadulterated drivel.

    Wake me up when you all have something useful to say about real economic development. Start earning your fat pay checks and your overgenerous pensions.

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