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There was a time when the Tuesday and Thursday VOICE were not worth the $2 we were asked to pay for it. In fact, I had stopped buying both these issues for quite some time because they offered nothing by way of information.

I was however pleasantly surprised when, in reading a recent Tuesday issue because of an article there about my niece which I was told had been published, it dawned on me that a very remarkable transformation had taken place. That was two months ago.

I have since resumed buying the Tuesday and Thursday VOICE. I find the content much, much improved over what we were accustomed to. In St Lucia we have a tendency to complain about everything and not appreciate good deeds.

I wish to congratulate the management and staff for the improvements that have taken place. I find THE VOICE now much more interesting than it has been for quite some time.

–Morgan Mauricette

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  1. Thanks for the acknowledgement Mr Mauricette. I always say we must proclaim our praises as loud and we do our complains.

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