Lensmen Elect New Executive

A NEW executive was elected last Sunday afternoon to manage the affairs of the St. Lucia Association of Professional Photographers (SLAPP).

The elections were held at the UWI Campus on Morne Fortune where close to 30 photographers turned up to discuss the way forward for the photography industry.

Among the crucial topics discussed were the history of the association, the challenges members face as they ply their trade and what needs to be done to ameliorate the virtual lack of standards existing in the industry.

James Adjodha, of Wavemaker Photography, was elected President of SLAPP following the elections process. Adjodha, described as one of the most enterprising young photographers in Saint Lucia today, won full support from the members who indicated that his passion and determination to raise the bar in the field of photography qualify him for the post.

Other members of the SLAPP executive are as follows: Vice-President – Joshua Vernor; Treasurer – Jan Joseph; Secretary – Lydia Adjodha; Public Relations Officer – Stan Bishop; Assistant Secretary – Royan Descartes; Assistant Treasurer – Yannick James

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