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King Has Learnt Nothing

It is amazing that only five years ago while Hon Stephenson King was Prime Minister of St.Lucia, he experienced one of the most turbulent periods of his political career when on more than one occasion well known individuals in his party attempted to dethrone him resulting in the departure of Mr AusbertD’Auvergne, a gentleman who understood the overall operations of Government.

Five years on Stephenson King still has not learned his lesson and continues to play into the hands of the same individuals who many St. Lucians considered inappropriate. St. Lucians should be aware that Mr Allen Chastanet has worked tirelessly in bringing a semblance of order and mutual respect within the United Workers Party to offer St. Lucians a better way forward based on the ongoing deterioration of the nation’s economy and social fabric which has cast a shadow of hopelessness and despair over the country. On the other hand a small group of disgruntled individuals within the UWP who wish to remain on a non-disciplinary path find it more comforting to air their concerns through their media.

St. Lucians must simply reflect on the state of our economy and the manner in which this administration continues to borrow and spend millions on unsustainable projects regardless of the concerns of the tax payers. Instead, this administration finds it more expedient to join forces with the disgruntled UWPs to disguise and distract the entire nation from the ongoing realities: Three consecutive years of economic contraction while Fair Helen now remains at the bottom rung of the OECS.

–Randall Summerville


    1. If I am to apply your own logic then you are in that category as well if you are or consider yourself St Lucian! Now if you have not learnt anything yourself how do you know S. King has learnt nothing?

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