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A People United Can Never Be Defeated

The Independent Eye - By Kensley Peter Charlemagne

The Independent Eye - By Kensley Peter Charlemagne

FOR some reason this article seems not to want to be written. The title is set but each time I come to write, it disappears off the screen and another article appears on my mobile. That has never happened before. In religious circles when such anomalies happen it is said that the devil is working against the spread of the hard-hitting truth; the one that will cause the sinner to realize himself and turn a right course.

There, the article keeps disappearing again, and again. The fundamental truth is that, “the people united can NEVER be defeated.” Understanding this core ethos is the reason I dislike, sorry hate, and am disgusted by the beast that is partisan politics. I listen to many of the talk shows and the contributions that are made by the callers; our people love to talk and do nothing and our politicians love it that way. (I typed a truth because my article disappeared again.)

Anyway, I was making the point of the several callers who contribute to the talk shows, and it is glaring that things are right or wrong depending on which party you support, that’s called division, what the parties like. (You can be very sure that I had to go locate my article again.)

I have argued before, that what passes for democracy here really isn’t. This reminds me of an article that I wrote in the Independent Eye, entitled, Consensus Government, on September 20, 2011. One of the tenants of democracy is restraint and that principle is basically absent from our parliamentary system. I try to bring to the fore that we the people are the majority. You really think that if WE wanted VAT to be reduced to 10% WE could not have it? You really think that if WE wanted government to remove the favourable arrangement that allows politicians to receive a pension after two term of service, WE could not have it?

People often argue or question, “What can an independent do for us in office?” This questioning speaks to the fear that the system has instilled in us and is a clear attribute to an non-buoyant, lethargic democracy. Our people don’t understand the power they have and so the cancer of division that has spread malignantly among the people continuse to cripple us as a nation but this truth I live with you, that a people united can never be defeated.

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