Kids Football Feast A Big Success

LAST Saturday the Sab Playing Field came alive with busy little bodies playing football and loving it.

Thanks to LIME, Trevor Daniel FDP, Sandals, Western Union, The VOICE Publishing, Royal Bank of Canada, VSADC Academy, First Touch Academy and the 227 young players, the event was a huge success.

The participants were divided into four houses: Sandals -Accountants, LIME-Engineers, VOICE-Journalists and Western Union – Pharmacists. The houses competed in five age categories: Under – 13’s, Under – 10’s, Under 8’s and Under 6’s, while the Under 4’s participated in skill-drills events.

The event kicked off 9:45 a.m. and ran for approximately 4 ½ hours during which, teams played three matches in a group stage round robin playoff to determine who would play the Championship Match today at 8:00 a.m.

The event not only brought out some magnificent moments of skill and brilliance from the future stars, but a few tears were also shed from missed scoring chances, lost matches and from kicks, scrapes and bruises all for the sake of the love of the game.

Royal Bank of Canada and SSS, sponsored the U13’s division. Trophy and medal winners will be decided on Saturday.

The statistics at the end of U13’s preliminary round were as follows : 1st Place VOICE-Journalists– 7 points (2 wins, 1 draw, 6 goals for, 2 goals against); 2nd Place Western Union -Pharmacists –3 points (3 draws 2 goals for, 2 goals against); 3rd Place LIME-Engineers– 2 points (2 draws 1 loss 2 goals for, 3 goals against) and 4th Place Sandals –Accountants– 2 points (2 draws 1 loss 2 goals for, 5 goals against).

Today LIME-Engineers will take on Sandals Accountants for 3rd place and the championship match will feature VOICE-Journalists and Western Union-Pharmacists. There will also be the championship match for the U10’s and U8’s but no 3rd place matches as the organizers have not been able to secure sponsorship for those divisions. U10’s LIME-Engineers will take on VOICE-Journalists and in U8’s Sandals-Accountants will face VOICE-Journalists.

Meanwhile, five year old KrishonneAmedee will be presented with his award for most outstanding player for the tournament. The young and aspiring players will be treated to a special 15 minute match featuring Coach Trevor Daniel and coaches taking on the parents select team. This will mark the close of the regular training sessions for the term until September.

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