Shotokan Karate-do Wheels In Motion

Image: SKIF top brass (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)
Image: SKIF top brass (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)
SKIF top brass (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

SHOTOKAN Karate-do Federation International St. Lucia (SKIF St. Lucia) is continuing to implement its 2015 prorgamme of activities today.

With a black and brown belt holders seminar.

The seminar will hear a presentation on the principles of the Dojo Kun (the ultimates of karate-do) by KyuRonald Polius (brown belt), and step by step instruction in advance Karate Kata by Sensei Ezra Jn. Baptiste, Chief Instructor and technical director of SKIF St. Lucia.

The highlight of the seminar will be an introductory lecture on sports and chiropractic by chiropractor Dr.Charles Isidore of Dynamic Spine Centre. The seminar takes place at ZanshinKarate Dojo, Corinth, GrosIslet from 3 :00 p.m.

Next weekend a karate examination seminar for karatekas below black belt will be conducted by SKIF St. Lucia’s technical committee as part of preparations for karate examinations scheduled for July 9. A mock examination is scheduled for June 25.

Meanwhile, plans are moving ahead for the staging of SKIF St. Lucia’s National championships and the awards and recognition ceremony in Novemeber and December respectively.

SKIF St. Lucia operates five dojos on the island headed by experienced and qualified instructors endorsed by shotokanKarate-do International Federation of Japan. Sensei Oliver Lawrence heads the Bushido Shotokan Karate-do Academy dojo situated at the EntrepotHuman Resource Development Centre at Entrepot. Sensei Ezra Jn. Baptiste heads the ZanshinKarate Dojo at Corinth, Sensei Victor Dudley heads the BudokaiKarate-do International atRiverstone in Corinth, Sensei Pius Stephen heads BudoshinKarate-do in choiseul, and Sensei Malone Raymonde heads the Sensehi-do Karate School in Union.

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