More Food for the Dreamer

AS you continue to write the script of your life and run fiercely toward your dreams, it is my hope that you have begun to take the tips offered in last week’s article to heart. As promised in last week’s installment, which entailed some helpful advice for the dreamers among us, I bring you even more food to feed your souls.

Find a mentor.
There is wisdom in seeking the counsel of those who have gone before you. They have walked that path, so chances are, they can tell you a thing or two about what to expect, where the bumps are in the road ahead, and can teach some valuable skills that you’ll need on the path to reaching your dreams. Many famous personalities have mentors who inspire them. For instance, in a post on Smallbusinessbc.ca, Mentorship BC reported that Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, explained how the late Steve Jobs was a helpful advisor and mentor. Further, mentors may connect you to great networking opportunities that can be useful in achieving your goals. Find a mentor you can trust (preferably someone who has achieved some level of success in reaching goals that are similar to the ones you have), allow them to offer advice and guidance, and learn from them. There’s a high possibility that they would be flattered that you asked them to play such a crucial role as you try to reach your goals. If per chance they refuse, don’t fret. It probably wasn’t meant to be and your true dream mentor may be eager to offer loads of golden advice.

Stay humble.
Most people would agree that humility is a desirable trait. Recognizing that you don’t know it all is a key part of being a student of life in general, but adopting an attitude of humility can also place you in exactly the frame of mind you need to be in to become a learner or mentee. Progress toward a dream is impossible without learning from the advice of others, but if egotism gets in the way of this learning, you do yourself an incredible disservice. If arrogance prevents people from listening to the advice of others, they limit their learning capacity, and deprive themselves of endless gems of knowledge that can help propel them toward their dreams.

Try the Law of Attraction.
Thelawofattraction.com defines the Law of Attraction as “the ability to attract into our lives whatever it is that we desire,” and involves the use of “the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality.” There are various interpretations of this law and certainly, there are also cynics.

Often, the law involves the use of visualization and deliberate faith in a particular outcome. Visualization may also take the form of creating vision boards that depict a person’s dreams. Nevertheless, though there are cynics, a quick internet search or a YouTube search will reveal a number of first hand testimonies from people who have used the Law of Attraction to achieve their dreams. Regardless of your position on this law, practices of visualization and positive thinking associated with it are still great ones to adopt because they encourage just the kind of positive thinking everyone can benefit from as they fight to reach their dreams.

Motivate yourself
In last week’s article, I acknowledged that it is important to protect one’s dreams, as there may be cynical naysayers that may threaten to put a damper on them. The truth is that not everyone will support your ambitions. That is why it is so important to motivate yourself. There are a million and one ways to do so, including repeating positive affirmations like, “I’m a rock star! I can do anything I put my mind to.” Be aware that you run the risk of being labeled insane if you blurt out these affirmations at inappropriate moments, like when your boss is lecturing you for daydreaming during company hours. Alternatively, you may silently repeat them in your head. Reading about inspirational biographies or listening to motivational videos can also be valuable sources of encouragement. Inspirational music can also offer great motivation. Take your pick from umpteen feel good/motivational songs, including, “All I Do is Win,” by DJ Khaled, featuring Rick Ross, Ludacris, T-Pain and Snoop Dogg, “Firework” by Katy Perry, Eminem’s “Not Afraid”, “Don’t Give Up,” by Yolanda Adams, or ” Bob Marley’s classic, “Get Up, Stand Up.” You know what motivates you. Get that playlist ready, grab an inspirational biography, or listen to your favourite motivational speaker. Get motivated!

Go ahead and believe in your dreams, but by all means, take my advice, and make them happen! Try to internalize the very accurate saying of one of my beloved childhood cartoon heroes, Captain Planet: “The power is yours!”

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