Police Announce Jazz Traffic Plan

IF you are going to the Jazz events this weekend at the Pigeon Island National Landmark there is a traffic management plan put together by the Royal St Lucia Police Force that you should be aware of relating to these activities.

The Police Force will be responsible for the effective management of traffic to and from the Pigeon Island Landmark during the three-day festival highlight from tomorrow Friday to Sunday.

The Pigeon Island main road will be designated as a “No Parking” zone. There should be absolutely NO PARKING along this road.

All measures must be taken to ensure that this area is free from vehicle congestion.
1. Vehicles travelling along the Pigeon Island road for parking will be directed to the general parking area.
2. Only vehicles carrying the appropriate vehicular pass stuck on their windscreens will be permitted entry and will be directed to the appropriate parking area.
3. The Gros Islet by-pass will be utilized to filter vehicles leaving the various parking areas.
4. In the event of an over spill in the general parking area, vehicles will be directed to the Pigeon Island causeway for parking also known as the Sandals Parking area.
5. VIP, Gold Pass, Event Staff and Media parking will be adjacent to the general parking area also known as CLICO Lands.
6. Employees of the Landings will be designated to park on the outside wall near the hotel.
7. Officials, Production, and Concessioners will be permitted to park outside the Pigeon Island Landmark.
8. Taxi vehicles associated with Sandals Grande will be designated to park only on the right side of the road directly outside the hotel.

No Parking Signs
Signs will be placed along the right side of Pigeon Island road from its intersection with the Massade/Gros Islet Highway to the three way intersection near the Landings Hotel.
Signs will be placed along the left side of the road outside the Sandals Grande.
All signs will be placed at least four hours before each day’s event by a Traffic Advance Team.

In order to ensure strict compliance to traffic signs and vehicular access, the following will be initiated:-
• All traffic barriers will be manned by uniform Police Officers assisted by a staff of the St. Lucia Tourist Board (SLTB)
• All vehicles must display the appropriate pass on their windscreen in order to gain access.

A shuttle service has been established to transport patrons to and from the VIP and general parking area to the main event.

A heavy flow of pedestrian traffic will be visible on the main access road heading towards the event. It is strongly recommended that pedestrians utilize the left side of the road to avoid confrontation between vehicle and pedestrian movement.

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