Netanya Faissal Looks To Her Future In Tennis

Netanya Faissal
Netanya Faissal

SHE is only 13 years old and attends the St Joseph’s Convent. Currently in Form Two, her favourite subjects are history and theatre arts.

Standing over 5’7’’ tall Netanya Faissal, is also an aspiring tennis player with future in the sport. She said, “My sister and I were interested in tennis and one day we were passing near the National Tennis Centre and my mom found information about tennis and enrolled us. It was that simple”.

Interestingly, she continued; “No one else in my family plays tennis, but my mother was always a fan of tennis. Tennis is a lovely sport, it keeps you fit. I would like to stay in tennis for as long as I can. There is no time limit, I just want to continue”.

At present Netanya is under the watchful eye of Coach SirseanArlain. He is a real good coach, she says. “He ensures that all the players under his watch do their warm up / fitness before we hit the court and makes sure that we do it properly. He knows we are well rounded and also makes sure that our grades are also good enough”.

“I have been playing tennis for two years now. My greatest achievement so far is winning four trophies at the recently held Cap Maison Caribbean Tournament at the NTC.”

It was certainly a good outing for the 13 year old as she won the under – 14 singles, 18 singles and doubles. The next time you will see Netanya in any competitive mood will be at the Wriggler King Multi Purpose Sports Complex in the Gardens from May 15 – 29. Following that she will be preparing for the 31st ITF Cocoa Cola Junior Tournament in early August sponsored by Du Boulay’s Bottling Company that will be held at the NTC.

Netanya says, “I am confident I will do well as I am looking forward to bringing my present form into this championship”.

There was no limiting her when I asked: Who is your favourite tennis player? “With a smile she replied; “Serena Williams, because she is very competitive and no matter where she stands in the game she will always come back and win”.

Look out ladies her favourite shot on centre court is the back hand.

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