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Lower Our Standards

Image of Anthony De Beauville
By Anthony De Beauville

LAST year was dubbed “the best year for sports in St. Lucia since 1987,” where our young sporting ambassadors emerged as champions in eight sub regional championships. But based on what I have seen on centre stage thus far this year I wonder whether some of our sportsmen / sportswomen still have the will power to champion the cause of their respective disciplines for another five years and secondly will the various sponsors we see now continue to stick around and invest in sports in St. Lucia, because of indiscipline.

Last Saturday, at the Gros Islet Playing Field, I was amazed, but not surprised at the level of officiating during a trial match for the national Under – 19 cricketers. I mentioned officiating because only one umpire was seen on the square.

As far as I am aware on the field of play there ought to be two umpires officiating a match. One umpire stands behind the stumps at the bowler’s end of the pitch, while the other umpire stands at square leg.

At the international level there are also a third umpire on the sidelines and a match referee.

In that scenario here, I saw former national cricketer Delbert Martial in his old age officiating at both ends of the pitch. A man who I believe ought to be relaxing in the playerspavillion enjoying the pride and joy of our young cricketers in action. I am taking nothing away from a man who over the years served us well in umpiring.

The records will show for the past three years our national under 15 and 19 cricketers continue to do well locally and at the sub regional level too. In fact recently the under 15’s retained the Windward Islands title.

So Mr. President of the St.Lucia Umpires Association, are you aware how important a trial match is for some of these players? Yet they are short changed. Sportlight calls on you to rectify the unfortunate situation, certainly it’s an ugly sight. Please ensure when members of your team are assigned to matches, they attend.

For some people, one umpire in a match is all right it’s just a trial match. I believe the young players ought to be given all the attention and support they need on and off the field of play.

For the first four months of 2015 our sportsmen and sportswomen have brought joy to our hearts it could have been better in terms of podium calls, but on the other side of the coin I see football players dressed in any manner. They have bags carrying on their backs, trousers way below their buttocks, whilst receiving awards and that is just OK, its like a carnival band, last lap Tuesday Jump Up. That is disrespectful to the team you represent and the sponsors who continue to have faith in you as sportsmen and sportswomen. The sponsors come forward because they don’t want to see you fall in the social cracks of our society.

At the ongoingSt.Lucia Football Association Michel’s Electronic Super League Knock Out tournament a random search was carried out by members of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force at the Beausejour Cricket Ground on teams in the players dressing room, the search produced a number of lighters, scissors and marijuana seized by the lawmen.

I cannot understand why a player will want to come to a football match carrying illegal drugs in his gear bag. Let’s get serious about sports. We are falling short, but we have come from afar so don’t spoil it. We are in it for the glory of the sport. Please champion the cause and be a soldier for the sport that you play.

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