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‘Kenton Gon Mad…’

THIS is how I imagine the Big Brother would have addressed a more hilarious and pointed ‘QueekQuak’ in his no holds barred Crusader. It would be in specific reference to the uncontrolled outburst by Dr. Kenny D. Anthony while addressing a meeting of red mealy bugs in the western villages. I was quite taken aback to witness the little man – Dominic Fedee – who had wrought such consternation and fear in the heart of the substantial body girth of the SLP leader.

That was the lowest the party leader had fallen. And it had me thinking. Had I been a voter at the UWP candidate selection process for Canaries/Anse-la-Raye, I may well have voted for Hermangild Francis because of my deep belief that Saint Lucia needs a serious military-minded disciplinarian at or near to the centre of its government. I was not too dismayed with the Francis loss because I remain optimistic that a seat can be found for him in the Castries basin.

It turns out that I now fully support the young Fedee, a young ‘David’ who has put so much fear in ‘Goliath.’ Such an outburst was unbecoming of one who has been prime minister for over fourteen years. Perhaps Kenny’s problem may be that, he has been accused of working at the CARICOM Secretariat in Guyana, was a Law lecturer in Barbados and is married to someone from Trinidad. But wait! That ought not to be a problem. The real problem may be that he has not rid himself of the mud of Saltibus and RivereDoree. A great pity indeed! It is now past high time that Saint Lucia rises from such clinging mud and desperation for political power.

– Peter Josie


  1. Speaking of phenotype- but uf curse t (pun intended) he of the cuff remark is verite. The new garcon as bus boy at Le Bistro de Chaz resembles a petite garcon.
    Quite frail for any athletic sport especially Political volleyball.
    Have you seen the political cartoons of President Obama in every major national newspaper. His ears are so exaggerated to crossover in the real of the animal kingdom but the CIA or Justice dept has never filed a complaint.
    Incumbency allows such benign pot shots at the nouveau wannabe
    Garcon et tres MEG au petite
    More like a swizzen than a mackerel 🙂
    Josie, “Where’s the Beef ?”
    🙂 ROFL 🙂

  2. Josie
    Salute the Birthday of Shakespeare by watching the opening lines of the bard’s Macbeth.
    Do watch how well your newly appointed sinator galfriend plays her role in the chorus triad

    For one day=abstain from being part of the “stench” of Hamlet’s Denmark.

  3. For all the numerous faults of KDA, I do not think calling a new fella on the political scene a ‘little man’ is a particular outrage. Lucian society is base; civilised public discourse and understanding of difficult technical issues is a rare commodity. Plus it’s all part of the rough and tumble. As long as people do not get too personal (race, gender etc). It’s unfortunate that people can’t concentrate on the issues of governance.

    If you read the comments on other outlets, you will see it’s coarse and most comments go to the most salacious of articles. The ones of genuine merit are never commented on. This explains why Lucians are slow on the uptake and sinking deeper into the mud.

  4. “The ones of genuine merit are never commented on. This explains why Lucians are slow on the uptake and sinking deeper into the mud.”
    The distillation of two way thinking utilizing both hemispheres of the brain -with objectives lenses………….this can be a serious challenge within the environmental inertia created by tropical isolation, ingrained laissez-faire towards an enshrined “layed back” standard for every type of engagement.
    During an internship interview of a mid level “illicit contraband purveyor”, his success in plying the black market trade was credited to “never smoking or snorting the stuff he sold”.

    Imagine, if we followed a “California diet”-as in “rabbit food”; for fete, bacchanal, revelry, de lime, beer, rum, sun, beach frolic, etc. What if we could market the stuff with obese excess to the moneyed, fun seeking first world nations BUT for local / native consumption live with deliberate frugal discipline as savvy samplers?
    It is quite apparent the reverse is le vogue. Locals/natives outdo to increasing excess and abandon as in “getting wasted” , what our revenue propelling visitors can and do.
    Sacre bleu, why are we (in a shriveled economy) so highly motivated to living larger than our tourists ( the definitive live and in HD color example of DISPOSABLE income)- for crying out loud!

    1. MACHBETH:

      Interesting questions, which shows your utilization of Reason and Intellect. Unfortunately, because of the subjugating and paralyzing mis-education administered through the worship of a Naked Caucasian as God of the Negroes, these victims of White Supremacy will emulate “GOD”, the so-called “Whiteman” tourist deviant who has come to drink rum and spread desease.

      The victims of mis-education are taught NEVER to question that which they are given by the White God. So God came to save the Negroes because he loved them so, so much, that he will commit suicide to pay the ransom – to his self ? to Satan ? So instead of this ALL MIGHTY God coming to take care of the deal himself, he sends his little baby child – what father does that ?

      Then this “VOICE” out of heaven said, “THIS IS MY BELOVED SON IN WHOM I AM WELL PLEASED”. Are you serious God ? Well pleased, so you want him beaten to death and tortured ? Look, if that’s how you treat those with whom you are pleased, lets just go our separate ways.

      But Negroes like a Peter Josie, and a Rick John Wayne are shysters parroting the misinformation of the white god, while they call themselves Romans and “Members of the British Empire”. Therefore they must emulate God to the extreme; out drinking, out sexing, out doing him in everything to prove they are not as worthless as they have been taught about them never contributing anything to humanity, even though they taught Prognathous the rule of the right angle triangle A^2 + B^2 = C^2 and are the builders of the Great Pyramids in North Africa.

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