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Agriculture Is A Nation’s Breadbasket


A few decades ago, at JFK Airport, a young adolescent boy was admiring a picture of a Cadillac (auto) on a magazine rack. He turned to his dad and said in perfect French “ when I grow up, I will buy a Cadillac”. The adult French man replied solemnly “ No, you will buy a Peugot !”.

I distinctly made out the beginning of a conversation on imports / balance of trade/ GNP and their impact on the economy of the home country. It is a memory that remains fresh to this day for a variety of reasons, especially the manner / quality of interactive conversation that safely transpired across the obviously secure boundaries of their well established relationship and subsequent roles.

Agriculture is a nation’s bread basket. Moreover, its surplus is a charitable gift from and for for the homeland.

– Dassaut Mirage

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