YO’s Rae Anthony

‘I would Not Trade This Job’

Rae Anthony

I realised I had the ability to make a significant contribution to the writing profession in my early secondary years. To say I have a passion for writing does not seem apt. When I gained employment at The VOICE I was thrilled; I finally had an avenue to showcase my writing ability.

My initial work with the company was with the newspaper. I soon realised that it was not something I wanted to do; it did not mesh with my personality and my enthusiasm was fading. When I got the opportunity to work in the youth department, I was unable to contain my excitement. This was what I had been aching to do and it was right up my alley.

Over the years, I have met so many individuals, some, who are vastly different from the others. However, they all have one thing in common and that is the aspiration to reach success in the most beautiful form.

I enjoy the (countless) interviews. Immensely. I enjoy interacting with so many different individuals and getting to know them in depth. I enjoy seeing their passion for I too share some of the same passions and I know what it feels like to want something desperately. I enjoy the laughs shared during those interviews and the stirring tales. It truly gives me immense joy.

Another part of my job I relish, is attending various events. It’s wonderful to attend the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival. However, although enjoyable, it is even more fulfilling to attend school events; I say this with complete honesty. It is awe inspiring to witness just how gifted our Saint Lucian students’ are. (I can’t tell you how much I love covering the school events at the National Cultural Centre!) I also enjoy going to the various schools and seeing the pleased expressions on the students’ faces; we are doing something good.

Despite our hectic days as well as difficult moments, I would not trade this job for anything. It constantly makes me realize why I love this department so much; it’s not solely getting to put my thoughts on paper and allowing others to see my capabilities, but also the amazing people I meet on a daily basis.


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