OUR YOUNG INVENTORS — Big Winners At Schools’ Science Fair

STUDENTS from across the island continue to demonstrate that they have what it takes to makes a difference in the world of science.

During last Wednesday to Friday’s National Schools’ Science & Technology Fair held at Derek Walcott Square, about 50 of the science projects that entered this year’s competition were on display for the public. The judging process also took place in various categories of the competition.

Below is the list of the big winners at this year’s science fair which continues to realize an increasingly greater level of innovation on our students’ part.

Infant – Science & Technology
Anglican Infant – Reusing Creations – 3rd
R.C. Boys Infant –To create a Bath Crème Splash and Dog Shampoo from Glory Cedar -2nd
Banse La Grace – Goodies Garden -1st

Primary – Science & Technology
Dame PearletteLouisy – Strength and Stability of Domes and Triangles -3rd
Grace Combined – Rain Water Harvesting -2nd
Canon Laurie Anglican – Battery Operated Fish Tank Cleaner -1st

Primary – Instructional Aids
Millet Primary – Aid-O-Nets 3rd
Vieux Fort Primary – Endemics 2nd
Vide Bouteille Primary – Airport Math 1st

Primary – Environmental Science
Desruisseaux Combined School – Plastics — 3rd
Piaye Combined – Something New from the Waste of the Old – 3rd
Camille Henry – Natural Plant Dyes — 2nd
Soufriere Primary School – Creating Music from Papaya Flute — 1st

Primary – Agricultural Science
1. Gros Islet Primary – Rind Me A Peel — 3rd
2. DerniereRiviere – Chick-O-Feed — 2nd
3. Laborie Boys Primary – Planting Cassava — 1st

LOWER SECONDARY- Science & Technology
St. Mary’s College – Biogas Production — 2nd
St. Mary’s College – Induction Stove — 1st

Grand Rivere Secondary – A Complete Square — 2nd
Ciceron Secondary – Mathematics Gaming — 1st

LOWER SECONDARY- Environmental Science
Marigot Secondary – Insects as a Possible Income Earner — 2nd
Sir Ira Simmons – Formulating Homemade Hair Gel –1st

Vide Bouteille Secondary – Mosquito Repellent –2nd
Vide Bouteille Secondary – Biodiesel Soap –1st

UPPER SECONDARY- Science & Technology
Castries Comprehensive – Green Life Saver –3rd
Leon Hess – A Method of Reducing the Number of Hot Car Deaths of Children — 2nd
Leon Hess – Ultrasonic Pest Immobilizer –1st

UPPER SECONDARY- Alternative Energy
Entrepot Secondary – Oxy-Hydrogen on Demand –1st

SALCC-Seaweed Fertilizer Study — 3rd
SALCC-Environmental Assessment of the Cul-De-Sac Warm Mineral Springs — 2nd
SALCC-Warm Springs at Odsan — 1st


Banse La Grace – Goodies Garden

Vide Bouteille Primary – Airport Math

Sir Ira Simmons – Formulating Homemade Hair Gel

Leon Hess – Ultrasonic Pest Immobilizer

SALCC-Warm Springs at Odsan

Most Projects at the District Level
District 2

Most Improved District
District 5

Dedicated Service to Science at the District & National Level

– Mr. Alan Gabriel – District 3
– Ms. Mary George – District 4
– Mrs. Valerie Regis – District 5
– Ms. Giannetti George – District 6
– Mrs. Jessica Chalon – District 7
– Mrs. Catherine Clifford – Chief Judge, National Science Quiz & Fair

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