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Claudia Edward – Fourth Album Underway

Claudia Edward
Claudia Edward

WHERE do modern sirens live? Do they hide away ‘neath ocean rocks or are they cloaked by hued gowns in crowded choir halls? Or perhaps …just perhaps, you may find one hidden in the elegant and gifted Claudia Edward.

Born in Martinique and Saint Lucian parentage, Claudia is an accomplished singer, songwriter and performer. This former choir girl can proudly boast of a number of musical feats; lead singer of Magic Circle Express and collaboration with the musical elite of the Caribbean – namely Soca great Square One.

To date, this Caribbean singing sensation has recorded three albums; “Sha La La”, “Dedication” and “Mic Check”. As a debut album, “Sha La La” would serve as a showcase of musical prowess – boldly exploring Claudia’s musical range, sonorous vocals and creativity.

“Dedication” would follow swiftly. This album was dedicated to her deceased father. In there, a musical potpourri is laced with emotions revealing an apt sensitivity to love and family life. The third album, which was produced by RawleAlcide, presents a growing artiste – one which has gradually moved from a state of symphonic virginity to a place where chords mature into sophisticated musical arrangements.

While many know of Claudia’s romance with music, few are aware of the artiste’s versatility. Claudia worked in the world of media for five years as a radio announcer, at The Wave and Radio Caribbean International. This role would aid her movement from timidity and her growth as a mature, confident, young artiste. Later, much experience was gained as an actor as she took on the lead vocal role in Derek Walcott’s play “The Odyssey” as part of a European tour. Additionally, Claudia took on the role of “Helen” in “Helen of Troy” and “Tesbia” in “Joker of Seville” – both being plays from Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott.

Today, Claudia has begun work on a fourth album and she has some advice for aspiring singers and/or musicians:

1. Be focused because there will be many sacrifices to make. Your life will be filled with “late nights, long days, tears and hard work” but you must keep on growing.

2. Embrace educational opportunities as they serve as catalysts for further advancement in your chosen field.

3. Above all, “stay grounded in your convictions and remain true to those who helped you along the way”.

This is the recipe you need to build that foundation which will propel you further and closer to your dreams.

By Alicia Valasse

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