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INDEPENDENCE is not simply the commemoration of a past event but the celebration of a present state of freedom and sustainability.

After 36 years of being a proud, independent nation, Saint Lucia has had to adapt vigorously to the economic hardships which assail the global landscape. Sustainability and innovation have therefore become dominant terms as governments and agencies worldwide seek to encourage efficient, cost saving practices in order to ensure survival and productivity. In as much as deprivation and difficult circumstances may facilitate ingenuity and resourcefulness, the National Skills Development (NSDC) has risen to the task of doing more with less by implementing a few exciting sustainable initiatives. These put NSDC in a strategic position to offer more diversity in its training programmes and to expand the profile of who is considered to be a typical NSDC trainee.

A few of our highlight sustainable initiatives are:

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The Patience Agri Enterprise:
Conveniently located on the NSDC compound in the lush agricultural community of Patience, Mon Repos, this agribusiness was created to answer the Ministry of Agriculture’s cry to “Eat what you grow”.

As we sought to serve fresh, compound grown produce to our trainees and guests, this commercial cultivation of crops through efficient agricultural techniques has provided a vital avenue for reducing the cost of purchasing vegetables for use at our canteens and has allowed us to generate significant revenue through the sale of surplus produce to local supermarkets and hotels.

The NSDS’s success in crops such as bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes and cucumbers also serves as motivation to its trainees to become independent producers and agri entrepreneurs.

The Classéek Restaurant: Comfortably located off the St. Jude’s Highway, onto Spartan drive and NSDC Lane, the flagship NSDC building can accommodate business conferences, weddings, special events and fine dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It offers an amazing three star dining experience all in the comfort of an air-conditioned, well appointed restaurant with first class customer service. At the Classéek Restaurant, clients are treated to scrumptious cuisine and their patronage of our establishment supports the continued training and advancement of Saint Lucians.

Paid Classes: the NSDC has expanded the scope of its training by offering paid courses, currently in the south of the island. These are accessible to employed persons and professionals who wish to improve their certification and advance their careers. Anyone with an interest in the programmes offered is eligible to enrol in evening classes and therefore allowed convenience in working a normal job during the day while gaining valuable, marketable skills at night. This need has arisen with the constant demand for a skilled labour force and persons are encouraged to continually improve their knowledge and qualifications to gain the competitive edge.

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