Becoming A Total Person

By Trudy Edgar - Louis (LMI Licensee)   Email: expandoecs@gmail.com
By Trudy Edgar – Louis (LMI Licensee)
Email: expandoecs@gmail.com

WE are complex and unique individuals, and part of our complexity is the fact that we have to fill many roles in life and we possess many needs and desires that emanate from our distinctive potentials. When life is busy, or all our energy is focused on a special project, it’s all too easy to find ourselves off balance, not paying enough attention to important areas of our life.

At this point, we need to take a “helicopter view” of our life, so that we can bring things back into balance.

Paul J. Meyer, founder of Leadership Management International (LMI) came up with the six key areas in life that together make up the total person. These key areas include: Family and Home, Financial and Career, Mental and Educational, Physical and Health, Social and Cultural, and Spiritual and Ethical.

Here are some helpful tips on the six areas of life for your consideration:

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• Family and Home- Spend quality time to maintain meaningful relationships with all members of your family. The family is the foundational stage of growth and development and should be an environment for progress, support, and excellence. Demonstrating love, concern and appreciation for family members foster a sense of peace and happiness.
• Financial and Career – Exercise due diligence when it comes to your finances. Budgetting and careful managing of your finances can result in great savings in the long run. Spending money unnecessarily hampers your ability to pursue career and personal goals. Get into the habit of monthly budgetting to help with managing your finances.
• Mental and Education – Read something every day that simulates you to think about great ideas or challenges you to research. Listen to the news both locally and internationally, keep abreast of current issues. Challenge yourself to learn something new every day, as little as it may be.
• Physical and Health – To be successful in life, we need to take care of ourselves. A healthy body supports an active and creative mind and turns stress into a motivating force for achievement. Exercise, eat healthy and nutritious meals, get enough rest and remember to drink lots of water. Invest in your annual medical checks and vitamin supplements if necessary. Without health, you can’t achieve your goals and enjoy the fullness of life.
• Social and Cultural – Positive friends and acquaintances can contribute tremendously towards your success. As you develop in life, routine evaluation of your friends is important. Do your friends encourage you to pursue our dreams? Do your friends challenge you to be a better person, giving honest feedback for your improvement?
• Spiritual and Ethical – Many times we try hard to understand others around us but we fail to understand ourselves. What makes us smile? What gets us angry? What triggers our fears? It is important to understand who we are, our purpose, and our values. Give back to others some of the blessings that you enjoy in life. Others are watching and waiting for you to touch their lives, with money, with words of encouragement, or simply a listening ear.

By Trudy Edgar- Louis (LMI Licensee)
Email: expandoecs@gmail.com

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