Swimmers Francis and Brown Make RR Swim Club Proud

Neryah Francis and Leamandia Brown
Neryah Francis and Leamandia Brown

The Roosevelt Romain Aquatic Swim club is making a big splash back into competitive swimming after two years with a small team of only seven swimmers, two of whom are doing extremely well.

Neryah Francis and Leamandia Brown both participated at the Rodney Heights Aquatic Center swim meet 2024 this past weekend. They both swam in the 8 and under girls category. They have been under the care and guidance of head coach Roosevelt Romain.

The girls came straight from the learn to swim category and now for the first time ever took part in competitive swimming. They represented their swim club RR Aquatic with hard effort, dignity, and pride.

Neryah Francis got one gold and two bronze madel while Leamandia Brown finished with two bronze and four silver models.

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