Far from The Madding Crowd

By Appana Padma Priya Gupta

This is the title of a book written by Thomas Hardy in 1874.

To be “far from a madding crowd “is to be removed, literally or figuratively, from the frenzied actions of any large crowd or from the bustle of civilisation.

The use of the title of his book has nothing to do with its content, on the contrary, I find it very appropriate to the present state of the world (civilisation).

Mankind is racing towards self-destruction at a very rapid pace without any brakes to make it slowdown and think about the consequences of this reckless, irresponsible and irreversible behavioural patterns.

These are a few observations made by me and people should  ponder upon them.

WAR – From ancient times war has been used as a weapon to destroy civilisations. Weapons of war are not to ARMS alone. It is also rape, hunger and displacement of people. Sad to say but they are being used as a weapon (worldwide) even as I write. Modernised weapons, Nuclear, Hydrogen, Biological and others, to name a few, have been designed to travel thousands of miles, on land, sea and air, capable of MASS DESTRUCTION of people and land (earth).

POLITICIANS – Power hungry leaders of the world, use their support base to instigate the masses to rebel, riot and create a  chaos through lies, deception and half – truths. Most humans have a herd mentality and follow the leader of the PACK (politicians), disregarding their own safety and security. An example of this is the so called “Land of Milk and Honey.”  They don’t care for you and me, the” Obscure” people of the world. Most politicians in the world are guilty of this sort of behaviour if not all.

GREED AND CLIMATE CHANGE – Every nook and corner on earth is affected by the influence of multinational companies, banks and lending institutions. Broadly speaking, they bombard every individual with offers, discounts, loans and use all forms of media to advertise incessantly. People are brain-washed into making choices. The needs of the people have been turned into unwanted wants.  This puts a lot of pressure on low and middle income.Plastic, medical and E-waste are dumped into the laps of countries that do not have strict “Environmental Laws.” These wastes are buried in land-fills or burned leading to damage of the land, atmosphere ( toxic gases ) and the health of the populace. To top it all Fossil fuels, not forgetting bombs and fire cracker, which contribute to the increase in Co2 levels. A lot of the Flora and Fauna have been destroyed forever. Very few people pay heed or care about the warning signs.

PLAYING GOD – Space research, Smart Technologies ( phones, TVs, cars and AI ) and Genetic Alterations. “Genetic Engineering – It is  the modifying of the genes to enhance the capabilities of a/the organism beyond what is normal.”  Genetically altered vegetables, fruits and meats. Will they affect the health of people? Research to genetically alter humans. Creation of Supermen and Superwomen.  How will these things impact the lives of normal people who struggle to make ends meet? Can man ever be God ?

God, Creation ( Nature ) And Man – Most religions say that man was made from soil (earth ). The human body contains 102 Minerals and 12 Vitamins in general. These are found, naturally , on the earth. Ancient civilisations used the herbs, seeds, roots and certain minerals to develop a system of Nature Cure (natural healing). Man started travelling and conquering. That is when the destruction of some races and nature began. God’s creation is being threatened by greed and mindless and heartless behaviour of people. God’s creation (nature) will survive and out-live mankind.

Despite the hustle and bustle of this crazy world I found comfort and peace in nature (God’s creation). I’m sharing my personal encounter with GOD.


I stood at the bottom gazing at the peak,

Can I meet the challenges of what lay beyond it?

Exhilarated was I, as I began my ascent.

Slowly and steadily I conquered the distance.

A strong sense of elation met me at the apex,

For miles and miles of Indigo filled my eyes.

Calm and clear as the Azure skies.

Explosive silence greeted my ears.

While I sat on a rock, my body trembled.

Trembled in sheer Joy and ecstasy,

For a place of solitude still existed,

Amidst the noise and Din called mankind

A gentle breeze stirred my hair,

Wiping away the sweat on my brows.

I rose and stretched my arms wide,

Hugging the horizon, reluctant to let go.

For how many hours I stood there I don’t know,

Basking in in the glory of God’s gift bestowed,

Oblivious to everything as time froze.

A roll of thunder awakened my senses,

And I threw my head back and laughed in abandonment,

Greeting the thundering clouds with a roar of my own.

They swept around me like eddying shrouds,

Prancing and twirling to the rhythm of their creator.

Their fingers touched me and caressed me

Washing away all my aches and pains

Bringing a glow to my heart despite the cold.

Droplets fell from my hair to the ground

Drenched was I from my head to toes.

But I danced a rhythmic dance of my own

As this encounter was mine and mine alone.

It was a sacred cleansing of my body and soul.

bowed my head in humble submission

As my tears rolled down to blend with the rain.

God could not bear to see my tears falling,

So he dispersed the rain and brought forth the sun.

Warmed by the rays dipping in the West,

I took leave of the nature’s best .

But before I left, I made a promise,

A promise to the mountains and the departed clouds,

That I would be back for more tomorrow.

For my soul needs to meet its maker, UNDISTURBED.


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