90 Days: A Faithful Journey Throughout Nature

Marcus Nicholas
Marcus Nicholas

MARCUS Nicholas who is of Saint Lucian parentage resides in Canada. He has released a new journal-one that came about during the Covid-19 pandemic and one that the author hopes will inspire others.

Launched on Wednesday, this 90-day journal “encourages you to refocus and center yourself so you can adjust your life to the plan God has for you,” ‘Morning Dove’ noted.

The pandemic was a test of faith for Marcus Nicholas. Like many people, Nicholas was dealing with the mental health challenges that come with isolation. Then, he lost his father.

Throughout challenging times, Nicholas found that moments of silence and self-reflection, as well as getting outside, helped him get by. This led Nicholas, a photographer by trade, to create a 90-day journal for tracking and improving one’s wellbeing.


The journal features many landscape photos from all across Caledon and surrounding areas.

“Being stuck inside, I was thinking about all the people that were struggling,” said Nicholas.

While Nicholas used bible verses in his journal, he explained the journal could be used by someone of any faith, as it’s all about self-reflection.

“No matter what nationality or religion you are, during COVID we all struggled,” said Nicholas.

Nicholas said he knows he was not alone in losing someone during the pandemic. He said it was especially tough to lose a loved one-not being able to have a large funeral ceremony did not help either.

The author, who lives just north of Caledon in Loretto, said he’s always loved Caledon. He said you can always find peace when you are walking on a nature trail, and it’s something that’s never changed over the years.

“I have always been into the beauty of Caledon,” said Nicholas. “Nature always has a way of making us at peace and helping us understand our purpose.”

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