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Saint Lucia Announces Increased Service in US Market for Winter and Spring 2024

9,913 more seats expected marking a 7% Increase

Tourism Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire
Tourism Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire

THE Saint Lucia Tourism Authority is announcing a substantial increase in air service offerings targeting the U.S. market during the upcoming Winter and Spring of 2024. With a strategic focus on enhancing connectivity and accessibility, these developments underscore the island’s commitment to providing an exceptional travel experience for visitors. This boost in service is anticipated to be a catalyst for strengthening the relationship between Saint Lucia and its American visitors.

Among the highlights of this expansion initiative is the introduction of a second Saturday flight by Delta Airlines departing from Atlanta. Commencing in January and continuing through April 2024, this additional flight will further enrich the travel options available to eager explorers. American Airlines (AA) is also set to contribute significantly to the improved service landscape. Notably, the Miami route will significantly upgrade, upgrading  from a B-737 (172-seater) to an A321 (190-seater).

Moreover, the eagerly awaited return of the second daily flight from Miami to Saint Lucia, slated for December to January, brings a surge of convenience for travellers. The continuity of the second Saturday flight from January to March 2024 will complement this operational enhancement. The AA Charlotte route is poised for a substantial transformation as well. Starting mid-February and spanning throughout Summer 2024, the A319 aircraft will be replaced with a B-737, promising a more comfortable and accommodating journey.

Demonstrating a commitment to exceptional service and a seamless experience, AA’s Philadelphia route will undergo an extensive upgrade from an A-319 (128-seater) to an A-321 (190-seater), effective mid-February to mid-March. Jet Blue’s mint/Saturday service also enters the equation, elevating passenger capacity from 159 to 162-seater in November and December.

The collective efforts of these enhancements will yield an impressive addition of 9,913 seats from November to April, translating to a remarkable 7% increase in seat availability compared to the corresponding period of the 2022/2023 winter/spring season.

Tourism Minister, Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire remarked: “The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority remains deeply committed to fostering collaborations and nurturing partnerships with esteemed US airline counterparts. Through continued dialogue and cooperation, all entities are poised to build a sustainable and prosperous future fortified by seamless connections and memorable travel experiences.”

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