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Carnival 2023 to Culminate in an Explosion of Colours


CARNIVAL 2023 will culminate in a flurry of action and in a display of colours on Monday and Tuesday when the bands take to the streets in downtown Castries.

A number of carnival bands are expected to parade their artistic themes before a panel of judges all trained in judging parades of that nature. The two days mark the culmination of weeks of planning for 2K23 Carnival dubbed “Nothing Sweeter Than That”.

This week and last week saw back to back hosting of events related to the biggest cultural show of expression in the country.

Thousands of revellers are expected to jam the main streets of the capital in slinky costumes adorned with glittering gems (as well as some traditional ones), some decked out in feathers, sequins and other paraphernalia designed for carnival costumes. Masqueraders, steelpan players, drummers and more will transform the city’s streets.

With costumes expected to be eye-catching, and hi-fi music playing at ear drum threatening decibels, the upcoming two days will be action packed.

The King and Queen of the Bands will also appear on the road to show off some of Saint Lucia’s most unique costumes, as well as the National Carnival Queen contestants; the ‘ole mas’ is also expected to turn heads this year.

The Royal Saint Lucian Police Force (RSLPF) has assured Saint Lucians that it will do everything in its power to ensure that carnival goes smoothly.

“We’re asking that persons come out in large numbers to enjoy themselves. Let us have an incident free carnival… leave the weapons at home… and let us just have an enjoyable time. For the persons who do not wish to adhere, we have measures in place,” Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Mashama Sealy said this week.

According to Sealy, “we have cells at the station which will remain empty so that we can accommodate persons who do not follow the law. We will also be borrowing two of the convoys or what we call cages from the Bordelais Correctional Facility in order to hold persons and transport them to those stations. Rather than us having to go that route, we’re encouraging everyone to come out and have an enjoyable Monday and Tuesday.”

A street management plan, to be managed by police, will be in effect over the two days of the parade. All able police officers will be on duty as leave for that period of time has been cancelled.

The National Youth Council (NYC) has called on revellers to exercise caution and be clear-headed as they party over the two days.

“As the carnival season reaches its peak with the National Parade of the Bands on Monday and Tuesday, the Saint Lucia National Youth Council is urging participants as well as spectators to exercise caution on the roads. Please drink and celebrate responsibly and always remain vigilant. Guidelines are being provided by the relevant authorities; ensure they are adhered to,” the NYC said in a statement.

The island’s history and culture will be on full display come Monday and Tuesday.

Thousands of visitors travel annually to participate in the festival—last year nearly 10,000 visitors came to the island for carnival, and this year Tourism Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire is hoping for an even larger turnout.

According to the minister, “Last year we had about 9,800 individuals who came for carnival. (This year) we’re expecting to do just as well, maybe even better than last year. It’s going to be a really epic carnival season.”

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