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Phillip Appointed as Acting Commissioner of Police

Ronald Phillip (Ag) Police Commissioner
Ronald Phillip (Ag) Police Commissioner

Following the end of Crusita Descartes-Pelius’ stint as police commissioner this month, former Deputy Police Commissioner Ronald Phillip has been appointed Acting Police Commissioner. Phillip took on the role on June 15.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Phillip J Pierre indicated that Descartes-Pelius was only taking the role on a temporary basis, telling reporters “she has been appointed until June.”

Though his time as Acting Commissioner will be brief, Phillip told reporters he will remain in the position until July 30 and has already laid out plans for the future .

According to him, one of the issues he would like to deal with “to appease Saint Lucians” is the situation at the Passport Office.

“That would be a major milestone; if we can significantly reduce that level of backlog and frustration that is being experienced at the Immigration Department. Within the six weeks I intend to do my best to try to remedy this situation,” Phillip said.

Further, he added, “I think we still have issues to deal with, we still have internal mechanisms we need to strengthen. I still believe that there is a degree for policies… to govern our police action, there is need for force modernization, there is need for us to invest greater… in police officers themselves. We need to get to a stage where we can empower police officers to be leaders to take on some of the issues that (are) confronting us.”

Phillip also praised Pelius-Descartes for her accomplishments and described her stint as “one of success.”

Pelius-Descartes who is currently on leave was first announced as Acting Police Commissioner in October 2022. She was later promoted to police commissioner in February.

“We work very well. We collaborated on issues to address some of the problems… I could attribute her leadership to some of the successes that we would have witnessed, it is just a matter of me carrying on from where she left off,” Phillip said.

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    The truth of the matter is, I see them come I see them go, they talk but they are not listening, not hearing what they are saying, they say I plan to do this, I plan to do that, but all they accomplish is only planning, nothing more.
    They take issue with all positive steps to resolve the crime escapade in their own Saint Lucia, folks how can the blind, lead the blind the result is tragedy and destruction, now they call for unity, not in a positive way but in a frame, it might pain you to know, or even upset you hearing this truth, Saint Lucian has never been united, that is the truth but they all share the same destiny, living in the same environment, the well to do look down on the poor it has been so, since the beginning. Granted they come together for the common good, but that is only when the situation surpasses the welfare of both rich and poor.
    It’s a wake-up call that has gone dormant too long, for Saint Lucia to unite, both rich and poor must have something in common, right now it is the doorstep of outrageous crime in all sectors of the Island, indeed that has their so call leaders pleading for unity.
    Nothing good last in Saint Lucia now, too many opportunists jockeying for positions, the worst cancer is being suffered by the citizen of Saint Lucia, a cancer called respect of person, yes Sir, no Sir, meanwhile to all others move out of here, and in their narrow little mind they think themselves being so pompous, but only full of themselves.
    When those facts are enlightening and have been realized and brought to light, when the realization of equality, and integrity knowing there should not have in this small Island people, first class and second class citizens, when the poor get justice of equal measure to the rich, then a united Saint Lucia will emerge strong, for we are people of a warrior nation, future offspring’s of Caribs and Arawak.
    If our seasonal leaders who have shown to be efficient and eloquent in the job assigned to them, are being removed from their position only to be replaced, what sense of direction are the powers to be heading, if a business keeps changing its seasonal workers, only to be replaced by none seasonal workers this company is soon to be bankrupt, the time use for training new employees is not advantageous to any company, bring back the lady cop, quit the inferiority complex and the discrimination get real, show some leadership.

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