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Hard work does not kill and aiming high is not a crime

Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

In everything, preparation is key and first impressions are very important. It is another calypso season and Carnival is in the air, but if you want full patron support you need to put your best foot forward.

I know it is early times yet and maybe the best is yet to come, but for what I have heard so far, I think not all performers took the time to prepare themselves vocally, lyrically and musically. Consider them all intertwined and adequate practice and self-assessment is necessary.

I know in karaoke there is a saying that you sing in any key or better still your key, but in Calypso and Soca or other musical forms, we expect the best. Writers have to step up, arrangers need to do the same — and most of all, the singers.

Granted there will always be room for humour, but to attain excellence it is about putting in the time and effort, remembering people don’t get great by chance, unless you’re just fooling around.

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One usually has a whole year to prepare and assess the material, and believe me, there are a lot of critics who would be too glad to tell you if you good or bad, unless they want to pamper your ego.

The days when anything goes is over and we need to strive for super standards, not only to satisfy our local audiences, but in some cases, the world. I am not criticizing just to make a point, but to alert singers, composers and musicians that it’s time for serious business, time to put out talent for world consumption.

Art can take you to the moon, give you a future, make you known, make our country be accepted in the creative realm.

But the work must be done to reach that stage of acceptance by bringing our standards to the forefront. It’s time to decide that hard work does not kill and aiming for the top is not a crime.

All I ask is for you to be real, be serious, be truthful to yourself, and satisfy the needs and the craving for good music and sound.

In life you never know where talent will take you, but to achieve, you must work hard at being the best that you can be.

Nowadays everybody is looking to shine, make their mark, be impressive, become popular, and make themselves stand out, so my general advice is make this season — and your future engagements – good enough, so that everybody will feel good about your input.

You never know the job of being an entertainer may be the best move you do in life, but nothing comes easy or without stress or being focus.

Just some food for thought for those who care to listen, and take a little advice.

A lot of people are not satisfied with their present jobs, so trying something else would not hurt, but you got to be serious about your endeavors.

In sports recently we have made our mark, so entertainment can also make us known. The support you need will come if you try hard enough for somebody to see your worth.

You never know when your moment In time will come. It’s like playing the lotto.

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