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Damage from Tropical Storm Bret’s Passage Still Under Review

AN assessment of the damages and impact to the economy caused by the passage of Tropical Storm Bret was still underway when we went to press yesterday afternoon, however we were able to determine that the island suffered no fatalities or major incidents as a result of the weather system.

Tropical Storm Bret passed over Saint Lucia on Thursday evening and early Friday morning with heavy rains and strong winds which were short of hurricane status. Despite that, it downed power lines, flattened banana crops, damage roofs, caused flooding and mudslides in some communities.

So far there has been no report of infrastructural damage. Meanwhile schools were closed both Thursday and Friday in preparation for the storm and the cleanup after its passage. Police were out in full force until the all-clear was given.

The police force reported a burglary in the city. The St. Lucia Electricity Services (LUCELEC) estimated a loss of 60 percent of their network as a result of the storm’s passage over the island. Power was restored to many areas by press time yesterday.

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    Thank you, VP for the information you have provided regarding Tropical Storm Bret. It is a great service that is received by patrons who have a property in Saint Lucia and is not presently present. Your report on the damages or no damages caused on the Island by the storm is an eye-opening timing service.
    It’s business as usual to citizens on the Island, picking up the pieces and going about their lives, but make no mistake it means a lot to the absentee landlord, like me, knowing the depth of the extensive damages if any, receiving VP_ posted report, again I say thank you well done.

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