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We cannot remain detached from world affairs

Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

Sometimes when I see the lifestyles that some people choose and their attitude, it makes me wonder if we, as a people, pay any attention to world affairs.

I ask myself, do we see the connectivity, how events in a different country may very-much affect us here? Do we consider the fact that tomorrow does not belong to us and it is important that we are aware of all the things and happenings that go on around us, because it has implications for our future?

If the buzz-words these days are Climate Change, should you not anticipate that one of these days, calamity will confront us? If the cost of all goods and services are going up, is it not necessary to find the means to earn and save more to combat that situation? Is it not time to consider that planting fruits, vegetables and crops is a step in the right direction? Should you allow your youngsters to go astray before you help them deviate from common trends?

Do you need special information, or convincing data, to make you realize that we are living in a changing climate and times of uncertainty? Can you not see the writing is on the wall? Do you not see that greed, malice, dictatorship and corrupt political alliances are all shaping our world?

After closing our eyes to all the above, when the crisis happens, will you then say that you did not know, that you had no clue and you were uninformed?

Are you one of those people too blind to see, or too stubborn to change your attitude? Or, is it only about going with the flow, that it is ‘business as usual’?

Sadly enough, if you possess all these qualities, you are sure to be caught with your pants down.

In my eyes, the future off Mankind looks bleak and although life can sometimes be unpredictable in this world, so being non-alert can be the difference between surviving in the near future and perishing.

Preparation is key to survival and not being prepared will not cut it. It is true we all have choices and only you can determine your direction, but when you are not in a position of strength, or have no choices in the matter, what is dished out you just must accept – and keep quiet…

Education is all about understanding and if you have been gifted with such abilities and virtues to help us learn, it is time to use them.

Do not be caught in the corridor of uncertainty. Do not allow others to lead you astray or condemn you to hopelessness. Read, listen, research, do what you must to be prepared, because not preparing for dealing with today’s realities can only lead down two paths: you decide what is good, or not good, for you.

In some cases, the blind will lead the blind, and the dumb may choose to lead, the ignorant may choose not to take heed, but such are the virtues of life. But for what it is worth, it is time to put on your thinking cap.

You may also now have to indicate to your leaders that they need to change their priorities, that maybe they are gambling with our future, and their present development plans just may need tweaking, or can end in failure.

Tell them they need to change course, as we say “wheel and come again”, because the goal post has been changed and so must our direction.

Protection for the masses is crucial, having foresight is key and changing trends is now necessary. Do not allow the rest of the world to always guide our path. We must start to carve out our own niche. If not, history will reveal how unprepared we were.

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