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Not Moving Forward is a Process in REVERSE

By James Stanislaus

As the United Workers Party moves forward with its renewed vigour towards its April 16th convention, one feels the strength and determination within its members.

The question was recently posed regarding the extended vigour and the answer was simple.  We were able to detect the detractors and deal with them via the system.

We did lose some precious time in the courts, but it was indeed worth the effort.  It was amazing that a party which really played such an amazing role in the development of the nation permitted persons within whose interests varied so differently to what the party stands for.

The strength and determination of its current leaders have brought to the forefront a sound vision for St Lucia come the next general elections.  The nation has had an eighteen month review of where the country is heading and many unanswered questions have cropped up.  One question which has been frequently posed comes via our talk shows is the question of unemployment and development.

A nation which is not moving forward is moving backwards and this appears to be the viewpoint of many.  St Lucia is not in the financial bracket where funds can be generated from within to develop the country, consequently, prudent borrowing is the answer.

The current administration entered government without a plan and they are paying the price, worse yet, the failure of not following what was started has made the situation ten times worse.  With the ongoing wars in the world and friction between the superpowers, it will soon become more difficult for small nations to obtain loans and it is indeed very sad if St Lucia misses the opportunity amidst the nation’s myopic vision of development.

We have now been distracted by an unusual crime wave which has compounded our situation plus the presence of the RSS on our shores is both a shock to our finances and the perception to investors both of which we can ill afford at this time.  These are the consequences we now have to endure when our decision at the polls remain in question.

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