Saint Lucian Citizenry as a Whole Must ‘Up the Game’

With so much contention in local political circles concerning rules, regulations and procedures governing the island’s most ‘august body’, the chambers of parliament – is there a need to revise or restructure those mechanisms that constitute an integral component in Saint Lucia’s law books?

More and more often recently, the country’s legislators have indulged in contentious debate over certain internal parliamentary protocols and, lately, some matters have even had to be channeled through the law courts to bring closure. More specifically, we refer to the Privileges Committee Saga.

And while the opposition leader – the man at the centre of this saga initially indicated that he and his legal team were not bent on taking this ‘internal parliamentary’ matter before the law courts, to the law courts they did eventually have to go to resolve this issue.

This publication has provided full coverage of the unfolding saga in which the opposition leader felt vindicated with the court ruling upholding the complaints brought against the Speaker of the House.

But while this latest matter has been resolved, procedurally, there is a wider picture looming on the horizon that calls for commitment to the upholding of the very highest standards when dealing with matters of state.

On the heels of the New Year’s festivities, the country switches quickly into the throes of Saint Lucia’s major celebrations which begins from January with the Nobel Laureate Festival and into the Independence Anniversary activities in February.

The underlying theme at these times usually resonates – with a call for the citizenry to up their game, at least, towards the betterment and welfare of themselves, their family, friends, communities and the country at large.

During this commemorative period of honouring the nation’s ‘Icons and National Heroes’ for laying the path towards the socio-economic development of the country, the encouragement towards ‘Striving for Excellence’ is key. And though, generally, due to social and economic conditions all citizens may not be able to aspire to such heights or higher ranks, Saint Lucians are urged to at least try and make things better within their respective communities , try to upgrade their trade and skills and most importantly, social relations and camaraderie within the broader society.

Would it be too much then, to request that the parliamentarians too, up their game?

The public looks to these legislators, in whose hands lay the duty of identifying the path for future growth , stability and destiny of the country – to come good and come clean, willing and able to help steer the ‘Ship of State – Fair Helen’ through unchartered, adventurous and always challenging waters.

Without diverting too much from the issues at hand, the art of public speaking is not one that comes easily, and oftentimes the delivery on pertinent and relevant information on matters of state might be found ‘wanting’ and failing to achieve the very purpose of communication, that is informing the audience of the issues which are the subject matter of the communication.

The lower house or ‘August Body’, as it frequently is referred to, needs to upgrade its game, and the standard and substance of the delivery of the messages that it desires to inform the public on.

In these times, when the world is beset with a myriad of healthcare and socio-economic upheavals – and the people are looking to their leaders to create an enabling environment for individuals and country to thrive, there is need for diligent and capable management, using that term in its widest sense, to pull this Saint Lucian  ‘Ship of State’ through the turbulent waters.

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