Harris Paints Awards USD$10,000 to Strokes of Genius Winners


A Guyanese who transformed her ‘tired bedroom to a cute, cozy, bright and beautiful bedroom”, a Barbadian who is reinventing her home, room by room and a Dominican daughter who is changing up the house for her mother, are the winners in the Harris Paints regional ‘Strokes of Genius” Christmas promotion for 2022.

Customers were invited to show their ‘strokes of genius’ by sharing the before and after photos of their Christmas paint project, including a Harris Paints can in the photo, providing proof of purchase by email and using the correct #strokesofgenius hashtag at the time of posting.  They were also invited to talk about how Harris Paints helped them to transform their space using the hashtag.

The competition, conducted on social media, was a true regional one, as it took place in Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana, Saint. Lucia, Dominica, Antigua. St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Vincent, Anguilla and Grenada simultaneously between October and December 31st 2022 and generated activity in the order of 100,000 shares.

The winners were chosen from eligible entries and the top three posts with the most likes by the end of the promotion were Padmini Persaud of Guyana, Renee Ifill of Barbados and Curtlyanna Wade from Dominica.  They shared in the $10,000 US prize with Padmini getting GYD $ 1,095.000.00 (USD$5,000), Renee receiving BDS $6000.00 (USD$3,000) and Curtlyanna collecting ECD $5,400.00 (USD$2,000).

“We were happy with this competition because we were able to reach 10 countries across the region and it really showcased the creativity of our customers and reminded us again how the power of paint can uplift and transform people’s lives just by changing their environment” stated Luke Ticknor Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing for Harris Paints International.

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