Gros Islet NLF Committee Puts on Dazzling Arts and Craft Display

Arts & Craft works on display at the Vladimir Lucian Theatre , Gros Islet
Arts & Craft works on display at the Vladimir Lucian Theatre , Gros Islet

As part of this year’s annual Nobel Laureate Festival (NLF) the Gros Islet community put on a dazzling arts & craft display that featured an array of works from various artisans within the constituency.

The exhibition, organised by the Gros Islet NLF Committee is currently on display at the Vladimir Lucien Theatre, in the Human Resource Centre, Gros Islet.

Mayor of the Gros Islet Town Council, Egbert Lucien spoke to THE VOICE about the efforts, preparations and collaborations that went into putting on the display.

Lucien recalls that following up on an Arts Exhibition and lecture sessions held last August, in recognition of Gros Islet Day, the committee decided that it was an opportune time and occasion to highlight the talents of the selected artists.

“Because of that, we found ourselves in a relation (with) our artists that we value very much …and to participate in programmes for Nobel Laureate activities, we’ve been able to liaise with our artists and crafts people who all want the exposure and so it works out quite well for both of us,” Lucien said.

He said the line-up included both seasoned and budding artists, and “we are hoping also, the very fact that this is happening to encourage others (to join in). With the whole emphasis being on the attainment of ‘Excellence’ and so, we wanted to encourage more people to come out …and also it presented an opportunity to display accomplished works.”

Lucien said the response has been overwhelming, and “it turned out quite well …and other persons who had exhibitions elsewhere, wanted to join us because of what they saw here.”

The Gros Islet mayor admits that though it was challenging to put on this initial display for the NLF celebrations, means that they have a foot in the door, feel a lot more confident about the exhibition and come next year “we plan to offer something even better.”

He said, despite some “serious challenges” that they have had to deal with, the activities put on by the committee have garnered resounding response; and equally important, is being able to utilize the Vladimir Lucien Theatre to its’ full potential.

Lucien said though the location has been used to host social events, nevertheless, the intention is to use the venue “to showcase the arts and now this is happening, I feel good about that.”

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