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Giving back can help upflift fellow citizens!

“It’s not about giving back if you’re successful or a celebrity or how much money you have: it’s about your responsibility as an adult to help others.” Trisha Yearwood

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We are now in the second month of the year 2023 and lots of developments are taking place around us. Last year, I made several suggestions on how we the citizens of this world can make it a better place. We are the world!

I was moved when my son called me from Atlanta to say he was coming home and will be spending the month of February. I felt even more proud of him when he told me that he wants to give back as a Saint Lucian. I don’t know what specifically he has in mind, but I know that among the family they have a lot to share.

Edward Harris, Jr. is an award-winning chef, having won CHOPPED and IRON CHEF, he is now the President of Cheflife Consulting, and his charming wife known as the WigMaker and himself own The Virgin Hair Fantasy. Mrs. Jane Harris is also a Business Coach and Motivational Speaker.

She has a story to tell. Hopefully, persons reading this column will want to engage Eddie and Jane to share their stories while they are on the island. I wonder what it will be like to experience Edward Harris Sr., Edward Harris Jr. and his wife on stage making presentation.

I cannot over-emphasise the point that storytelling is important to molding a society. Our people need to be informed, educated, and motivated. They must be able to see themselves beyond the immediate and look way into the future. Everyone must be given an opportunity to live their best life. It is amazing when one considers the power of words. This is the age of the KNOWLEDGE INDUSTRY, which is one of the fastest growing industries, fuelled by technology.

The need for sharing knowledge has never been greater. If we are to keep alongside the developments taking place around finance, we will need guidance. We are currently losing out in the area of investment as in many instances, we are not allowed to participate in the purchasing of mutual funds, stocks, and bonds due to banking and other regulations which cause us to be denied access to investing in some areas in the USA. What do you know about ETF which has been around for over 30 years and currently valued at 7 Trillion with Mutual Funds reaching 23 Trillion, with the gap closing fast? In many instances, we stay too long to switch gears and end up losing opportunities. This situation is due to the fact that no one is telling the story. As a result, many persons in this part of the world are left to invest in real estate as one of the main sources of building generational wealth.

As I write this column, I am listening to a presentation on Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Hyper Stores, all new ideas in the Metaverse. Who is talking to us about these new investments? Can we trust them? The recent collapse of the FTX Exchange, which was owned by youthful Sam Bankman-Fried, dubbed the CRYPTO KING is not encouraging to new investors. The situation with Bitcoin is still troubling. After months of being below US$20,000.00 per coin, it moved up in recent weeks to just above US$23,000.00. We, like the world, cannot stand still. We have to move on and there will be new real opportunities. Keep looking at your options. Just be careful about who is telling the story and their authenticity on the subject. Endorsements by influencers/celebrities are not the way to go. There will come a time when those persons who hasten to endorse products and services without in-depth knowledge of them will be held responsible.

It all boils down to who you are listening to. My experience is that all Experts come up short at times and their clients lose money. However, real investors, not passive ones when advised by the right Coaches and Experts will, in most cases end up on the positive side.

A lot of emphasis is being placed on youth development. The Commonwealth Secretary-General officially launched the Landmark Year of YOUTH 2023 with 1.5B funding for youth under 30 years to deal with issues of climate change, access to education, skills, employment, etc. It is up to our youth to make a success of all the assistance that is afforded them at this time. It is my hope that they will be well informed about all aspects of investment and business.

Let us commit to making a difference by sharing. Stay safe, stay healthy, and be blessed.

Edward Harris Freelance Journalist/Realtor/Business Consultant
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