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Derek Walcott Library Opens at SALCC

Derek Walcott Library at SALCC
Derek Walcott Library at SALCC

As part of the activities in celebration of Nobel Laureate Festival, a collection of pieces from Sir Derek Walcott’s personal collection were utilized by the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College to structure a library in honour of Saint Lucia’s esteemed laureate.

Sir Derek, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1992, was fittingly recognized for his volumes of literary works distinguishable in wider global acclaim at a ceremony recently, to announce the completion and official opening of the Derek Walcott Library.

As part of the proceedings, Librarian at the Hunter J. François Library and Master of Ceremonies, Kathy Birch-McDiamed, spoke of how the two Nobel Laureates utilized all of the services that libraries had to offer. She pointed out the connection between their achievements and the academic establishments, thus encouraging individuals to use the opportunities afforded to them by libraries.

“They became Nobel Laureates by utilizing those libraries. Let us preserve and protect that legacy through these very important institutions we call libraries. Libraries are critical in consolidating that very legacy we speak of today,” she said.

The Derek Walcott Library houses a collection of books and literary pieces written by and about Saint Lucia’s Nobel Laureate, Sir Derek Walcott. Most of the pieces were from his personal collection and were donated to the school by his partner Sigrid Nama.

The library is situated on the grounds of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

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