Spotlighting Hakeem Harrow

By Reginald Andrew
Hakeem Harrow looking forward to a professional career…
Hakeem Harrow looking forward to a professional career…

Growing up into a sports-oriented family made it an easy task for Hakeem Harrow to quickly transcend into a budding athlete.

The 22 year –old defender from the Vieux Fort community has made some good progress in his career so far, and looks forward to brighter prospects in years to come.

“From young growing up …my whole family like my brothers, uncles, and everyone around me were into football. So, I always had a passion for that game and wanted to be a footballer,” says Harrow.

In pursuit of his dreams, he adds, “From there, I made the Vieux Fort U-15 and U-17 sides and from there came up gradually to the national team U-15, U-17, U-23, and now I’m on the National Senior Team .”

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He initially played for Stable Boys FC in the Vieux Fort Football League competition, and then to Uptown Rebels and currently plays for Platinum FC, former national club champions.

Platinum FC’s participation in regional competition has also helped to broaden Hakeem’s perspective on the game. He said: “That was a great experience …winning and winning titles in the 1st Division, the biggest league in national football in Saint Lucia is great playing 1st division football. I also leant quite a bit playing for Platinum FC in regional championships and it helped to improve my game.”

On his aspirations for a future professional career, Hakeem added: “My ultimate goal is to play professional football, and to one day play for a professional team and make a way out in life through it and earn my livelihood out of it.”

Hakeem says he is “very excited” to be one of the young debutants on the national team “and you have to get prepared and do what’s right and be in the best form of the game. And hopefully, we give our fans a good game and something good to watch and hopefully, come out victorious.”

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