Opposition Calls Out Press Secretary for Deliberately Misleading the Public

Press Secretary Maundy Lewis
Press Secretary, Maundy Lewis

Noting that the Government of Saint Lucia sought parliament’s approval to borrow approximately EC$25 million yesterday, the opposition United Workers Party has taken on Press Secretary Maundy Lewis over remarks made regarding the opposition’s criticism of government’s borrowing.

According to the UWP “This persistent borrowing, which the Philip J Pierre led government promised Saint Lucians would not happen, has been unprecedented over the last 16 months. In an attempt to respond to a Facebook post from the Leader of the Opposition Hon. Allen Chastanet, who sought to bring transparency to the government’s historic borrowing practices, Press Secretary Maundy Lewis responded by stating that Hon. Chastanet was a “liar” and went further to claim that tomorrow’s borrowing of $25 Million EC is the first time that the SLP Government will be borrowing since they assumed office in July of 2021.

“This false and misleading statement by the Press Secretary is a blatant insult to the intelligence of all Saint Lucians and to find the “liar” Ms. Lewis only needs to look in the mirror.”

The UWP in a release stated that the facts are clear in that on July 10th 2022 the SLP Administration went to parliament to borrow a total of $49.5 Million US or $134.4 Million EC from four different loans.

Further, in October, the government once again borrowed US$102.12 Million or EC $277.44 Million for budgetary support.

“It is unacceptable that a public figure such as the Press Secretary would deliberately mislead the public about such an important and sensitive matter. One is left to wonder and ask the question: what other important national issues has the Press Secretary been misleading the public about?”

The Opposition called on Ms. Lewis to issue an apology to the public for her misleading statements.

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