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Musicians, Young and Old, Turn Out for St Cecilia’s Day


Over the years, it has been ascertained that music, like food, song and festival are essential elements of Saint Lucian culture or ‘Lucianess’.  Many a Saint Lucian tradition is woven into rituals of church, primarily Roman Catholicism.  

Hence, it comes as no surprise that Saint Lucians observe a Feast of Musicians on November 22nd, the church assigned date to commemorate its Patron Saint of Musicians – Saint Cecilia.  Logically, the month of November has taken on similar significance as Music month.

The Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) collaborates with musical groups to create a programme and stage a number of celebratory activities in celebration of the Feast of Saint Cecilia.

This year, the activities again took off from early into mid-morning, with complementary acts following later in the day. From alongside the Castries – Gros Islet highway, adjacent to Mega J, down to the Castries Market and on Chausee Rd., and other locations on island; groups of musicians and involving secondary school students turned out to tingle the musical appetites of the public and passersby with live and entertaining sounds.

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