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Jounen Kweyol 2022 — Castries Stands Out

When Castries was named a host community of Jounen Kweyol for 2022 there were many who believe this was a poor decision. Castries, the detractors claimed was not creole enough to host a festival of that nature.

Then Sunday, October 30, 2022 – Jounen Kweyol Day came, and…well where are the detractors today, as Castries delivered a Jounen Kweyol to remember.

Forget the mouthwatering dishes on sale that day because that is expected. Let’s focus on the way of life of our people before the computer age, even before the age of Compact Discs, way back to the days when Icy was drank from a glass bottle, when cassette tapes were plugged into walkmans as the mobile way of listening to music, something the younger generation has no knowledge of.

Even the outside games that were played by grandmothers of today when they were girls were featured in Castries last Sunday.

The exhibition at City Hall took some Saint Lucians back in time, many remembering vividly their childhood days using items like those which were on display.

And to top it all off Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson and his band Tru Tones, whichin the 1970s had a significant following here and in the diaspora brough even more nostalgia to many people with their hit songs.

Castries clearly stood out!

Photos by Bill Mortley and Micah George

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