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Cost of November 6 Trough Cleanup – EC$1.4 Million

Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Energy & Labour, Stephenson King
Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Energy & Labour, Stephenson King

The estimated cleanup cost after the November 6 trough has been placed at EC$1.4 million, however, the overall reconstruction cost is still being assessed.

Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Transport, Physical Development, and Urban Renewal, Hon. Stephenson King, recently provided an update on the Ministry of Infrastructure’s restoration efforts in the aftermath of the Nov. 6 trough, at a House of Assembly meeting on November 22.

The trough caused heavy rains and flash flooding in the north of the island, resulting in extensive infrastructural damages both within the public and private sectors.

“Following the destruction caused by the intense rain and the associated flooding, the Department of Infrastructure has been conducting a reconnaissance of the damage caused to public infrastructure and the consequential estimated cost of clean-up which includes cleaning roads, culverts, waterways and the removal of mudslides and debris to reinstate infrastructure and mitigate against future events,” King said.

He added, “The approximate cost of the initial cleanup is estimated at EC $1.4 million. Assessments are ongoing for the cost of reconstruction of roads, retaining walls and bridges, and are still pending.”

Minister King said a figure of EC $7 million has been augmented and submitted to the Minister for Finance.

“Once the resources have been identified or mobilized by the Department of Finance, the exercise of the recommencement of reconstruction ahead of the 2023/2024 budget is absolutely possible,” he said.

The Department of Infrastructure requests that the business community look forward, towards long-term adaptation and mitigation interventions which may achieve sustainable resolutions.

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