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Encouraging Sustainable Actions around Earth Day 2022

The Department of Sustainable Development invites all residents of Saint Lucia to take action for the planet! 2022’s theme for International Mother Earth Day is “Invest in our Planet”, a call to governments, citizens, and businesses to recognize our collective responsibility and to help accelerate the transition to an equitable, prosperous green economy for all. The goal is to redirect attention to creating a 21st-century economy in Saint Lucia and the rest of the world that brings back the health of our planet, protects our species, and provides opportunities for all.

This year, the Department has partnered with the Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN) and Massy Stores Saint Lucia Limited to launch a Photography/Social Media Challenge to encourage attitudinal changes in favor of environmental protection. Individuals and groups are challenged to post photos and videos of themselves taking environmentally friendly actions for the rest of April.

These include:

-Declining single-use plastics at business establishments, packing groceries in reusable bags; -Going meat-free, meal prepping from home, or buying lunch made with local produce; -Using reusable food containers and water bottles

-Cleaning litter in public spaces and recycling;

-Composting, potting plants, or tending to a kitchen garden;

-Wearing clothes that do not require ironing;

-Unplugging electrical appliances or switching off lights.

The Earth Day Agenda will continue to be promoted at select schools on the island upon resumption of the Department’s School Environmental Education & Awareness Tour as students return to the classroom this academic term.

Presentations will be made on topics spanning the Department’s programme areas, including Saint Lucia’s single-use plastic phase-out; the Sustainable Development Goals; the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer; the Persistent Organic Pollutants Awareness Campaign; the Plastic Waste Free Islands Project, and the Escazu Agreement.

Meanwhile, registration is open for an Entrepreneur’s Webinar sub-themed “Inspiring Sustainable Start-ups to Accelerate the Circular Economy” to be held on May 18th. This hour-long event will engage current and aspiring entrepreneurs in a crash course on the circular economy, justification for a circular transition and sustainable innovation workshopping.

Individuals and groups may indicate interest through The Department of Sustainable Development commends efforts across sectors and households on the island to observe Earth Day 2022 and encourages continued participation in ongoing and upcoming activities that have been scheduled well into May.

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