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Voluntary Product Recall on Similac Powdered Infant Formulas

Peter & Company Distribution (PCD), the Authorized Distributor of Similac Powdered Infant Formula in St. Lucia hereby informs the public of a proactive, voluntary product recall initiated on February 18 2022 by Abbott Laboratories, the manufacturer of these products.

The recall is isolated to powder formulas, including Similac¬ģ, Alimentum¬ģ and EleCare¬ģ, manufactured at one of their US plants located in Sturgis, Michigan.

The recall does not include any metabolic deficiency nutrition formulas.

No Abbott liquid formulas or other Abbott nutrition powders and brands are impacted.

Here is the list of recalled products applicable to St. Lucia inclusive of the lot numbers to look for:

Peter and Company Distribution (PCD) is actively working with our retail trade partners, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders to remove the impacted products that are part of the voluntary recall from retail shelves and to address any consumer queries that may arise as a result of the recall.

We echo the sentiments of the executive vice president, nutritional products, Abbott, Joe Manning, ‚ÄúWe know parents depend on us to provide them with the highest quality nutrition formulas. We‚Äôre taking this action so parents know they can trust us to meet our high standards, as well as theirs. We deeply regret the concern and inconvenience this situation will cause parents, caregivers and health care professionals.‚ÄĚ

To find out if the product you have is included in this recall, visit and type in the first seven (7) digits of the lot number on the bottom of the product.

If you receive confirmation that the lot number is part of the recall, please email us at [email protected] with the following information:

1.   Name

2.   Primary contact number

3.   Address

4.   Name of product

5.    The lot number code located at the bottom of each product as shown below

You will be contacted within 24-48 hours to be guided accordingly on the next steps to be taken. No action is needed for previously consumed product. If you have questions about feeding your child, please contact your healthcare professional.

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