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Students at Grace Combined receive valuable information on oral health

The Dental Services Unit in the Ministry of Health recently commenced its oral health promotion activities with a dental health fair at the Grace Combined School. The Dental Health Fair provided students with the opportunity to be educated on oral hygiene and maintaining overall good health.

Senior Dental Surgeon Dr. Shery Ephraim-Le Compte says this initiative is not new and will continue to play a significant part in ensuring children are educated on their oral health.

“We wanted to have a little fun with the children to let them know that health is not just a serious thing but they can have fun taking care of their oral hygiene, they can make it fun to help them to appreciate oral health, appreciate overall health which
is one of the things we spoke to them about and to be able to be spokespersons in their communities, to their parents, family and friends so that everyone can improve on their oral hygiene habits.”

Minister for Health Hon. Moses Jn Baptiste says he is very pleased with the dental health fair which will provide the students with information on how to ensure good dental health at an early stage. “It is important to take care of your health especially when you are young. Many people wait unfortunately when they reach my age or much older to begin to think about going to the dentist very often and so on and there are so many people who do not realize that bad oral health or oral hygiene can lead to so many other serious problems.

So, some people think it is such a simple thing of just brush your teeth and you ‘ok’. I am very happy that our dental team is here and they will speak to you and you will at least take these lessons home to your parents and to your friends.”

The dental health fair provided the students with information on personal hygiene, oral health, nutrition, COVID-19 protocols and dental screening and treatment.

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