Review of Ear to My Thoughts Vol. 2

By Cerally Marius

Life is a multifarious journey. As we embark on the path, we are faced with a plethora of tests. Some of them are simple such as success, happiness, love; while others are difficult such as disappointments, failures and death. There is no escaping that bittersweet journey called life. We all must walk the path and take the test.

Ear To My Thoughts Vol. 2 by Sherma Cenac-Modeste
Ear To My Thoughts Vol. 2 by Sherma Cenac-Modeste

Ear to My Thoughts Vol. 2, encapsulates this journey called life. It delves deeper and provides answers to some of the most difficult questions in the test. The author addresses everyone regardless of gender or profession. Leaders, teachers, students, mothers, fathers, or the average person, can all revel in this multifaceted book of poetry, thoughts, devotions and prayers.

The author, Sherma Cenac-Modeste, is quite crafty in her ability to capture the tests, as well as the waves of emotion that we all swim through in this ocean called life. The book is a must-read as it allows us to dive into the experiences and thoughts of others in order to help us make sense of our own experiences and thoughts. It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions as she brings life to themes such as gratitude, birthdays, the blessings of children, service, the gift of parents and the more solemn emotions of love, bidding farewell, grief and death. Her themes make clear the tests we will take and help us prepare adequately. It also provides feedback on the results of those tests we have already taken.

The author goes further and shares thoughts, devotions and prayers as supplements to help us succeed at these tests. The spiritual food from her thoughts gives us hope that we can face each day anew.  She provides inspirational thoughts for every day of the week. I am especially fond of Mindful Monday where she says, “MIND your thoughts. Let them be positive, encouraging and uplifting. Mind your actions and words. May they serve to elevate and not destroy.”

Author, Sherma Cenac -Modeste
Author, Sherma Cenac -Modeste

She pays tribute to fathers and mothers who are our custodians on this journey. We should cherish and be grateful to parents. She touches on self and love as love for ourselves is the greatest panacea we can take as we deal with the failures and pain from our tests.

The author offers a spiritual twist and that is expressed strongly through her ‘prayers’ section. Prayers are our connection to a higher being. That being is the examiner of our tests. Sherma captures that communication with our examiner through daily prayers and supplications.

The language is profound, yet simple to understand and the words used drive at our deepest core. Sherma has the ability to write pieces that are relatable and candid. This emotional piece is reflective, authentic and insightful. This is the kind of enrichment that you will experience when you indulge in Ear to my thoughts Vol. 2.  It is a must-read and you will not regret getting it.  It’s a book for all ages! Get your copy on Amazon and start transforming your life today!

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