Public Advisory on the Practice of Architecture and Engineering

The Executives of the Association of Professional Engineers of Saint Lucia (APESL) and the Institute of Architects, Saint Lucia (SLIA) led by their respective Presidents, Mr. John Peters PEng and Mr. Jamal Francis RArch, met in joint session. The meeting noted the increasing prevalence of actions that are in breach of the Architects Registration Act No. 11 of 2005, the Architects Registration (Amendment) Act, No. 1 of 2014 and the Engineer’s Registration Act Cap 13.10. Revised Laws of Saint Lucia, by the private and public sector. Both Acts bind the State.

The Executives of both professional bodies therefore wish to inform all potential developers, building owners and administrators, and all relevant State entities, of the following:

1. APESL and SLIA note the rise in the number of incidents in which individuals and companies are misrepresenting their registration status to clients and the public.

2. As a safeguard to public safety the provision of Engineering and Architectural Services within Saint Lucia are only legally permitted by Registered Professional Engineers and Registered Architects.

3. All projects which require an Architect concurrently require the associated disciplines of Engineering.

4. Registered Architects cannot practice any Engineering discipline and Registered Professional Engineers cannot practice Architecture.

5. All drawings, once issued, shall bear the stamp or seal of the Architects or Engineers under whose supervision they were prepared, if such is required under the law.

All stakeholders in the industry should familiarize themselves with the contents of both the Architects and Engineers registration acts to ensure they are operating within the law. More information on these professional practices can be found at and

Violations of the Architects & Engineers Acts not only have legal consequences, but also lead to actions which endanger public safety, diminish the quality and functionality of our built environment, reduce our climate resilience and put at risk the value proposition of development projects.

APESL and SLIA wish to assure the public they will act diligently to protect their wellbeing in keeping with the Code of Ethics.

We jointly affirm that both professional bodies are critical stakeholders in national development within Saint Lucia and restate our full commitment and support in providing guidance to the State on matters of national importance.

Jamal Francis RArch MSLIA        President SLIA

John A Peters  PEng MAPESL      President APESL

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