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Police Make Arrests in Drugs, Firearms and Ammunition Recoveries

On February 17 2022, about 3:30 p.m. Officers attached to the Gros Islet Police Station CID and General Duties, along with the K9 Unit, conducted operations in the La Clery, Morne Serpent and Babonneau communities.

During the execution of a Search Warrant on the premises of Neil Charles at La Clery, the officers recovered:

One Taurus. 32 Revolver

One .45 Revolver

One . 22 Revolver

10 rounds of 20 gauge ammunition

13 rounds of 12 gauge ammunition

22 rounds of 16 gauge ammunition

7 rounds of .40 ammunition

60 rounds of .22 ammunition

2 rounds of .45 ammunition

5 rounds of .32 ammunition

3 rounds of 9mm ammunition

On completion, the individual was arrested and charged in connection with each recovery. Neil Charles age 42 of La Clery was taken to court today and pleaded guilty to all 11 charges and has been remanded until March 31 2022 for sentencing.

Earlier today, the same officers recovered a 12 gauge shotgun at La Clery. No one was arrested for this recovery.

About 9:00 p.m. on February 15 2022, at Over The Bridge, Dennery, a joint police operation was conducted where a Warrant to Search for Property was executed, leading to the recovery of the following items :

One AR 47 firearm
Nineteen rounds of ammunition

A quantity of controlled drugs (suspected cannabis resin)

Following the discovery, two individuals were arrested and charged for Unlawful Possession of Firearm and Ammunition. Britney Cox and Yourne Emmanuel alias Blood Stain of Dennery were escorted before the First District Court for bail where they both were remanded in custody, until March 24 2022.

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  1. So the hottest Item on the open market is Guns and Ammunition, as far as St. Lucia is concerned; then if that be the case, why not provide a special location where one can buy your Saturday-night Special, a ak-47, etc. government can collect revenue on tax, licenses and customs duties and rent on market Booths; just a thought; but on a more serious note, innocent people all around are paranoid; no one trust anyone any more. Certainly, gone are the days when we could leave home, just close the door after you, we never locked any doors. So welcome to the Brave New World, the modern times, the world that think that crime pays – yes pays your way to Hell fire – after prison and mental pain. What happens to the hundreds who, knowing they have killed some one, even though they have spent time in prison for the crime, old age and illness creeps in, just can,t work anymore, can one fall back into crime as before? there is serious and very serious social and psychological problems facing St. Lucia in the near future. For those who have turned their backs on the Almighty, He is waiting for your return. God is love, come home.

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