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Do-Nation Foundation, Deeds Driven Dads Partner For Fathers

Ahead of this year’s observance of Father’s Day, Do-Nation Foundation is teaming up with another agency to empower fathers in Saint Lucia to step up and play their roles.

Diane Felicien, Do-Nation Foundation’s Founder/CEO, says her organization will partner with Deeds Driven Dads Inc., which is based in New York, to provide essential coaching and other assistance to fathers facing challenges.

“This initiative, which will be rolled out in May this year, is a continuation of ‘Father’s Rise’, which was hosted by Do-Nation Foundation in June 2021, and highlighted fathers from various walks of life,” she said. “This time around, however, we’ll be partnering with Deeds Driven Dads Inc. so that we can better empower our men with the various skills set they need.”

Felicien said Do-Nation Foundation also hopes to partner with social welfare agencies in Saint Lucia to ensure that this initiative is not only successful, but continuous.

The mission of Deeds Driven Dads Inc. is to address the serious issue of fatherless communities with a focus on actively engaging, educating and empowering fathers from all walks of life. The organization acts as a conduit for comprehensive services and resources targeting fathers and father figures, with the goal of establishing strong relationships amongst a myriad of service providers while coordinating specialized trainings, activities and advocacy, all geared towards supporting fathers.

Stevan Lynn, CEO/Founder of Deeds Driven Dads Inc., says the importance of implementing and sustaining a responsible fatherhood initiative in Saint Lucia is critical.

“The problems associated with the lack of father figures in communities is spreading like wildfire,” said Lynn. “Far too many families are now with mothers as heads of households, many of whom are forced to carry the weight with respect to raising their children. Not only is this affecting the families and community, but also the wider society.”

Based on the harsh realities many fathers face, Lynn said a comprehensive programme has been crafted that will touch the lives of men and families, not just for the short-term, but sustainably.

“We need to break the cycle by starting to really put fathers on the right path of living up to their responsibilities,” Lynn said.

Lynn said the beginning of the programme in late May coincides with the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, adding that this will give fathers hands-on experience in stepping up their leadership roles by their deeds, not just words.

Meanwhile, Modestus Louis, Assistant Secretary of Do-Nation Foundation, says he’s keen on seeing the rollout of the initiative this May. As one of the panelists in the “Father’s Rise” discussion that was hosted three days before Father’s Day, he was hopeful that more be done to alleviate the plight of fathers.

“Any assistance to our fathers is a welcome gesture,” said Louis. “We have all seen the negative effects of what happens when there are no positive fatherly figures in families. I think our fathers deserve this kind of assistance and I also urge them to participate in the upcoming initiative.”

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