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CARNIVAL 2022 CONFIRMED — It Will Be A Vaxxed-Mas Event

When it was first announced two months ago, reaction was mixed, now it seems that Saint Lucians are warming up to having Carnival this year, and government, it seems has given the final nod of approval.

Confirming the staging of the island’s biggest cultural extravaganza for this year was Tourism Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire to an international audience recently.

A Queen of the Band portrayal the last time carnival was held in Saint Lucia (2019)
A Queen of the Band portrayal the last time carnival was held in Saint Lucia (2019)

“After a two-year hiatus, Saint Lucia Carnival will return with a safe and responsible approach in July 2022,” Hilaire said.

He added: “This year’s festivities will be dubbed: ‘The Vaxed Mas’ …as the word ‘mas’ is short for masquerade, an homage to our vibrant masquerade costumes on full display during Carnival festivities.”

“As a carnival enthusiast and reveller, I personally invite you to join me, more information will be available as details evolve,” Hilaire told his audience.

In pushing forward a heightened promotional campaign to highlight the sites and pleasures that visitors can indulge in on ‘Simply Beautiful’ Saint Lucia, the tourism minister declared that Saint Lucia inspires visitors.

“we have diverse and authentic dining experiences like world-famous Orlando’s; nature travelers are seeking rainforest, mud baths, our beloved Pitons and truly one-of-a-kind resorts,” Hilaire said.

The idea of staging carnival this year in the midst of the coronavirus was not a popular idea at first, and still remains so in some circles.

However in December of last year it was revealed via a press release that after several consultations between stakeholders and the government department of Creative Industries & Culture and the Department of Health, the Cabinet of Ministers decided that the country will host Saint Lucia Carnival 2022 dubbed ‘The Vaxxed Mas’, however it would be subject to the full approval of the Ministry of Health, according to established health protocols.

The name suggests everyone participating in Carnival 2022, including, revellers, patrons, support staff and service providers must be fully vaccinated. The aim is to create a bubble to ensure the safety of the general public and all carnival patrons.

It was further revealed that Carnival 2022 will not take place in its traditional form but all the necessary steps will be taken to ensure that the true spirit of Saint Lucia carnival is preserved. Strict guidelines and protocols will be implemented and the authorities will ensure strict adherence in an effort to safeguard the health and wellness of all participants. The guidelines will be announced in due course following further working consultations between the Ministry of Health and stakeholders.

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