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To Charge or Not to Charge?

That seems to be the question facing police and the virtual complainant, in a matter that occurred on 24 April at the Forestierre Seventh Day Adventist Church between political hopeful Joachim Henry of the Saint Lucia Labour Party and Guy Joseph of the ruling United Workers Party.

Currently contesting the Castries South East constituency in the upcoming general elections, both men met face to face at the Church where Henry confronted Joseph.

Image of Joachim Henry and Guy Joseph
Joachim Henry and Guy Joseph

Henry and his wife Claudia, this past Wednesday, were expected to be formally charged for allegedly disturbing the service that was in progress when they entered the Church, however, this did not happen as they did not make an appearance at the Major Crimes Unit as expected.

The couple’s attorneys, Leslie Mondesir and Lorne Theophilus explained that they received a call from the police 30 minutes prior to the time the Henrys were to appear at the Major Crimes Unit. The attorneys said they attended a meeting at the Major Crimes Unit with police which resulted in the cancellation of the planned meeting between the Henrys and police.

“We’ve been informed that this matter will be handled differently, however, Mr. Theophilus and myself remain committed at any time to defend our clients in the future should the need arise in relation to this particular matter,” Mondesir said.

A source close to the case told The VOICE that the virtual complainant would determine whether charges would be laid against the Henrys.

“We have a report from the Virtual Complainant. In terms of whether we proceed further depends on the virtual complainant,” our source said.

Meanwhile, SLP political leader Philip J Pierre has described the effort to charge Henry as political mischief and an attempt to derail his campaign to wrest the Castries South East parliamentary seat from Joseph.

“Like many of you, I have acknowledged that this is a politically motivated effort, an attempt to derail Joachim’s campaign in Castries South East and sabotage the reputation of a man who is known to many as a peaceful, loving, family-oriented and upstanding citizen of Saint Lucia,” Pierre said Wednesday.


  1. No wonder they call the times such as these:- ‘ the silly season’ when grown men fail to realize that they are making a fool of themselves in the eyes of the young, who are to be the citizens of tomorrow. But I thought these two were supposed to be ‘Brothers’ in the eyes of Christ? TITUS 1: 9 “avoid foolish disputes, genealogies, contentions, and strivings about the Law; for they are unprofitable and useless.” my humble advise to you two – show the people around you, there’s no bitterness, drop all Legal Charges, get down to the business at hand, at next Elections, may the luckier one wins, shake hands and Praise the Lord. That wasn’t difficult was it.

  2. Re Article and Fox’s Comments,I do agree with Fox but commonsense is not Being used in this episode..

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